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Make a Chalk board/ Clip board – for family fun and organization!

Aug 11, 2012 02:44PM ● By Brian O

DIY Chalkboard Clipboard

As school approaches once more, it is time to sort last year's supplies from the clutter of a care-free summer and start planning for the coming semester. Supplies can be expensive, so why not reuse last year's scuffed up clipboard as a fun organizational tool for your child's room, the kitchen, or that special place by the door where important notes and papers need to be accessible?

This fun family project is perfect for filling a lazy summer day, too!

You will need:

  • Wood clipboard, any size, new or used
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Foam brushes
  • Embellishments (optional) - patterned paper, stickers, ribbon, buttons, letters, etc.
  • Ribbon, beads and drill with ¼ inch bit for hanging your board (optional)
  • E3000 clear adhesive for embellishments – available at home centers or craft stores

If you want your finished clip board to hang, use a ¼ inch drill bit to place two holes in the top corners before painting.

Paint the entire wood area of the clipboard with chalkboard paint, following the manufacturer's instructions. Lift up the metal clip to get underneath. If paint gets on the metal parts, simply wipe off with a paper towel while still wet. Paint the entire surface one direction (up and down), allow it to dry 24 hours, and then paint again in the other direction (side to side).

Once your paint has cured, you can embellish your chalkboard with paper, stickers, ribbon, buttons, etc.

Hang your clipboard in a handy spot to keep track of school permission slips, lunch money and as a place to jot family reminders!

By Mary Phillips of Forgotten Works Garden Gallery

DIY Chalkboard Clipboard

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