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{Thankful} in Mansfield: Week 1

Nov 06, 2012 01:49PM ● By Abbey Lewis

As I enter into the first full week of November, my goal is set... count my blessings even more than I do throughout the whole year! Why? Because that's what we do during November, we remember it is a time to be Thankful. It's the season of remembrance of all that we have been blessed with. It is the time when we all should look back at our live's harvest thus far and give thanks for all that has been bestowed upon us! 

More directly, for the purposes of all my posts for Mansfield Magazine this month, my goal is to list what I love about this city and how it blesses me daily! I want to hear from my local friends and community neighbors too! Why have you chosen Mansfield? What drew your attention to this city as your place to raise family, start a business, or live your days? What are you Thankful for around town? Leave a comment, send me a picture... I want to hear from you!!!

For me, week one is simple! I am thankful for the small town feel Mansfield gives. I love that I can go about my daily routine and see familiar faces at every turn! Monday's at Aldi, while I am grocery shopping, I am sure to run into at least 2 friends (same one's, every week.. I kid you not)! While out running on Mondays or Fridays, I get to see other fitness friends getting their miles in! We wave or stop and chat for a quick breather. I adore when I get facebook messages or texts from neighbors saying, 'Hey.. saw you running today on Debbie Lane! Great job out there!!' Knowing on Wednesdays or Thursdays I can grab a quick bite with a friend at one of the local shops on Main Street. And lastly, Saturday's at the ball fields!! Whether it's soccer or baseball, I know I can always count on seeing countless friends and local community members out there pulling for their kid's teams! It's heart warming to know that so many local parents share the love of sports and supporting their kiddos just like my husband and I do! Knowing that we, as a family, have a place in this community is a huge drawn in for me. I am welcomed by so many and embraced in a sense of oneness really keeps my heart connected to the city of Mansfield.

Now it's your turn to share!! Leave a quick comment, upload a pic, or share a local story of why you love the city of Mansfield! Give us the details as to why you chose Mansfield, and what keeps you living a life full of Thanks within our city's streets!!! I can't wait to hear and see why you are Thankful...

Always - Abbey

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