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Strange Addictions & Habits--Admit It, You're Weird

Nov 07, 2012 05:44PM ● By Kristen Lamb

This past week, I went to the Walnut Wal Mart to restock on my autumn fragrances. I just love the smells of cinnamon, spice, and sandalwood. I'd already gone through at least three cans of "Sandalwood & Soothe" from Febreze, and my cats had all but exhausted my "Cashmere Woods" Glade auto-fragrance dispensers. They dig setting off the motion detector. 

Hey, they're cats and can't surf Facebook. 

Anyway, all was fine until I turned my cart on to the aisle of cleansers and THERE WERE NO MORE FALL FRAGRANCES. 

WHAT? Who is running this place? COMMUNISTS? So they are now RATIONING Autumn Spice? *left eye twitches*

With the kind of desperation normally relegated to heroin addicts and Cowboys fans, I hunted down an employee, only to be informed that Wal Mart now would only be stocking Christmas fragrances. I went to Target. Same thing. Then Kroger. Nothing but nutcrackers, pine trees, and snowflakes. Where could a gal get a Cashmere Woods fix?

I don't have a problem. Really. I can stop any time I want. 

Okay, I admit it. I am addicted to Febreze. Stop laughing.

I think I have all of these.

I use "addicted" in a very loose sense. I am not spending my son's college fund on Febreze, but I do seem to buy a lot of it. More than seems normal. In fact, I find myself going straight for the aisle of house cleaning supplies, eager to see if they have any new fragrances available, even though I still have at least a half a dozen cans at home yet to be used. Everyone knows that Febreze is just the gateway drug to Scentsy. 

Can't argue, it's science.

I know this sounds insane, but over the years it seems like I always have one strange addiction that, when I get rid of it...a new one takes it's place. And none of my addictions are anything that will land me in jail or rehab, but they still makes me scratch my head and wonder.

Years ago, I was addicted to office supplies. It seemed I could not make a trip to the store that I didn't at least purchase pens, notecards, highlighters or rubber bands.  I still cannot go to Staples without a list and a will of iron. 

I think this addiction stemmed from childhood. My mother was the one who always made me bring extra school supplies for the kids who came from underprivileged families so they wouldn't be embarrassed. My mother would stock my bag with extra boxes of Crayons and notebook paper that I could slip to the kids who didn't have any. I was the "Go To Gal" for glue, rubber cement, colored pipe cleaners and googly-eyes of all sizes. Scissors? I could totally hook you up.

I am from a military family, and we believe that, "Three is two. Two is one, and one is none." Translation? Be prepared...for EVERYTHING.

One day, I realized that the office supply thing was getting out of hand, thus forbade myself to buy any office supplies until I was really, truly, genuinely OUT. My calculations put that date at November 13, 2024. I started buying "Thank You" notes. "Thank You" notes of all varieties and sizes and shapes, which wouldn't have been so bad if I ever remembered to send them. When I forbade myself to buy anymore "Thank You" notes? Cleaning supplies took over. When we moved into our new Mansfield home three years ago, I swear I must have had enough cleaning supplies to shine the entire neighborhood. 

It took me A YEAR to use up all the cleaning supplies I'd stockpiled. I guess if the Zombie Apocalypse struck I wanted to have plenty of Swiffer refills just in case. *slaps forehead*

So you guys can guess what took the place of the cleaning supplies. You got it.


At one time I had at least two cans of it in every room. Febreze in every scent. Febreze in the new holiday scents. Limited time only fragrance? I am so there. New Zealand Springs? They had me at "New Zealand." Ooooh...had to have it. Oh, and at Wal-Mart I can get the two pack for $5.00. At Target, I have to pay $2.53 each.

Yes, I am only saving .06 but that adds up when you have a habit like mine.

Oh, but this brings me to a weird habit. My husband makes fun of me because I have a compulsive need to add numbers in my head and then take it down to its root (if that root is a whole number). For instance, if I see the date is November 7, 2012, I instinctively add 1 + 1+ 7+ 2 + 0 + 1 + 2, which is 14 and 1+ 4 is 5 and 5 is a prime number so no square root (if it had a root, then my work would not be finished). Who said writers couldn't do math? I do this with addresses, dates, you name it. I actually am freakishly accurate tallying the grocery bill in line (tax included).

I have no idea why I do this or where it came from. Just like I really do not understand why I feel the need to have Febreze in every room of the house. Well, I DID have Febreze in every room of the house until I started noticing my Febreze addiction was getting a wee out of hand. Now I am down to one can...which I had taped behind the toilet tank.

But this makes me think how unique all of us are. We all have these strange habits, addictions, compulsions and tics. Some of them make sense and some just never will. These odd behaviors are what make us unique, whether it is collecting Spring Break t-shirts or a compulsive need to touch the doorframe before we unlock the front door. Some of these habits have a story behind them, and others? Well, they just seemed to spring to life all on their own.

What are some weird habits and addictions you guys have?

I collect bodies under my house.

Kidding! *laughs awkwardly*

Let's keep it light. Do any of you guys have odd hobbies or collections?  Maybe you collect shot glasses or bobble-head dolls? Cabbage Patch paraphenalia? My Little Ponies? Do you have any odd rituals? What's the story behind your ritual? Admit it! You are weird, too. Do you think all habits and rituals have a root source? Or are some habits just spontaneous, with no psychological root? Come on! Let's play armchair psychiatrist!

I love hearing from you! 

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