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Ice Queen

Nov 20, 2012 09:38AM ● By Lisa Drake

Truth Hippman on the Ice

by Kerry Pipes

Ice Queen

Truth Hippman took up ice skating when she was just five years old. She first stepped onto the ice formally by participating in the Learn-to-Skate program at ICE at the Parks in Arlington. Now 9, she has grown quickly as a skater and competitor over the last four years. She has competed in the ISI (International Skating Institute) for the last two years and expects to begin competing with the USFSA (United States Figure Skating Association) this year. In fact, 2012 has been a busy year for Truth. She competed in some larger competitions and won gold, silver and bronze at local, regional and world competitions. She was recognized for her performances in solo compulsory, freestyle and character spotlight programs. As if that weren’t enough, she has also now taken up ice dancing and has already won a first place award this in this event.

Truth’s parents, Dan & Kristina Hippman, say although she maintains a busy weekly skating schedule, she remains a well-rounded kid. She earns good marks in school, participates in the book and art club, is a Girl Scout, and of course, has time to play with friends. Here’s more about Truth and her fascination with ice skating.

How did you get interested in skating? I would see the kids skating at the mall and asked my parents if I could try. Two students from my mom's school, Lauren and Jaime, were figure skaters and took me out on the ice for the first time, and gave me a mini-lesson, then I began the Learn to Skate classes.

Tell us more about the kinds of skating you have participated in. What is your favorite/specialty? I have competed in freestyle events for FS1-3, character and spotlight entertainment, solo compulsory and pro/am ice dancing. My favorite/specialty is ice dancing because it is different and I like skating with my coach, Mr. Nick.
Is it an expensive sport? What all is involved? Learn to Skate lessons are about $10 a week and you get free public skating. Once you get into freestyle then you have to have a private coach because you have to pass off skills with a program, so there are coaching fees. As you move up the boots and blades cost more because they are designed for the jumps and spins that you are learning. 

How long have you been doing this? Four years.

What kind of training/lessons/practice is involved? How often? I have private lessons with one of my coaches each week before school, and skate freestyle sessions for practice time. I'm normally on the ice about three hours a week, and add more time before a competition or if I'm learning a new program.

Tell us about competition. When, where, how often? I compete three to four times a year mostly at local ISI (International Skating Institute) competitions, but I will be competing in the US Figure Skating Association in ice dancing this year.

What do you like most about skating? I like skating because it's a different sport and my size doesn't matter. I've made a ton of friends and we all help each other with our skills.

Have you been recognized by any awards? I have placed in every competition on the local, regional and world level competitions in which I have participated. This summer I received 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals at the ISI World's Competition, and received three 1st place medals at the ICE at the Parks Open Competition in September. In school I was on the honor roll each year; and in 4th grade I received the Principal's Award; and an award for Perfect Attendance.

Describe how your family has supported your interest. My mom and dad told me as long as I keep working hard and doing my best that will help me do well at competitions. They work with my coaches to create skating schedules and programs that work best for me.

What kind of student are you? Favorite subject? I love school and make all A's. My favorite subjects are Language Arts and Science.

Other interests? I'm a Junior in Girl Scouts.  I like to play outside, ride my bike or scooter and roller blade. I love to swim.

What do you do in your spare time? I take music lessons on the piano, trumpet and clarinet with my Dad. I like to read. I also like to play the Wii.

How would you describe your personality? Fun, cheerful and silly, but I can be shy when you first meet me.

What are your career plans? I want to be a geologist and live in the mountains when I grow up. I also think it would be awesome to skate in the Olympics.

What do you like most about school? I like doing science experiments, projects and being with my friends.

Who has inspired you and why? Other than my parents, Mrs. Ellie Adkins, my 3rd and 4th grade teacher from DP Morris Elementary School, inspired me to be confident in myself; following my dreams; and never giving up.

Ice cream or apple pie? Ice cream on a chocolate cake!

Weirdest food indulgence? Asparagus

What are you most proud of? I have learned that hard work pays off in school, skating and my other activities.

Do you know a kid with a unique talent, interest or hobby? If you'd like to nominate a kid to be profiled in Kidding Around, please post in the comments box below.

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