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Butternut Maple Parfaits

Dec 11, 2012 04:25PM ● By Mary Phillips

A new twist on a holiday favorite!

Instead of the same ol' same ol' (aka "sweet potatoes") this year, we are serving winter squash in a fresh and funky way: as parfaits. Tradition meets whimsy for a bohemian delight...

I like to cube butternut squash and cook with a blob of coconut oil in a large pan on the stove top. A fat free option is to bake halves on a cookie sheet lined with foil - but hey, it's the holidays and I love the sweet coco-nutty undertones from this healthy oil...

Once the squash is cooked and mushy, mash in a dash of pure maple syrup. Spoon the squash into a parfait glass until about half way full. In a small bowl, whisk together plain Greek yogurt and more maple syrup, then spoon over the squash. Layer more squash, and top with a dollop of the yogurt mix. Sprinkle with chopped walnuts or granola.

Wala! A way healthier option for your holiday (or any day) meals than the marshmallowy stuff of yesteryear!

Interested in more healthy eats? Visit Guard'n Planet's blogsite! 

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