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Sweetheart Centerpieces

Jan 20, 2013 11:38AM ● By Lisa Drake

Large Centerpiece

Sweetheart Centerpieces

Looking for an easy and inexpensive way to decorate for Valentine’s? How about centerpieces made with easy-to-find items from in and around your home. All you need is:

    • An empty container such as a vase, a jar, plastic tea/water/soda bottle
    • Twigs
    • Filler for the container (suggestions: pine cones, pebbles, beads, candy, Epsom salts, etc )
    • Materials to make hearts: (suggestions: felt, construction paper, cardboard, newspaper, magazine pages)
    • Spray paint
    • Something to hang the hearts from (suggestions: twine, string, ribbon, fishing line)
    • Hole punch

After filling your container part way with “filler”, arrange your twigs. You can use them in their natural state or spray paint them like we’ve done here. Next, tuck in some more “filler” in between the branches. We used pine cones and a few plastic heart-shaped treat boxes for added color.

Next, you’ll want to cut heart shapes to hang from the twigs. Use construction paper, felt, scrapbook paper, fabric, or even brown paper bags. Use a hole punch to make holes in the hearts, loop ribbon or twine through to hang on some of the twigs or string them together to make a garland as we have done.

Make several centerpieces for different areas of your home using some of these alternative design ideas:
• Paint the twigs a deep red and use white rocks or beads for the filler. Cut out hearts from the newspaper and string on red metallic ribbon.
• Fill 1/3 of your container with Epsom salts and then the remainder with conversation hearts. Cut hearts from paper doilies for a delicate pastel look.
• Use shredded paper and battery-operated LED lights in the container and paper clips to clip small photos of your family onto the branches.

BONUS: View the photo gallery for a look at a small centerpiece made with an empty plastic drink bottle filled with beads and red hot candy.

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