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Approaching Change in 3...2...1

Jan 20, 2013 02:10PM ● By Abbey Lewis

Times are changing! Just when I think I have something down and have learned all there is to learn about it... it changes!! And when I refer to 'it', feel free to insert any random experience in... learning the internet, starting a blog, texting, friendship, marriage... I could go on and on!!! Without even realizing time marches on and we are left to either keep in step, fall behind, or be left on the sidelines watching!! I like to think I am a 'keep in step' kinda girl. But there have been times in my life that I have fallen behind and I have definitely found myself on the sidelines watching, either by choice or by circumstance. What I have learned along the way is that to every season and every position in life, there is a reason. I may not have realized it at the time but every stage I have gone thru has lead me to where I am now, and if I hadn't gone through those stages, I wouldn't be where I am now! It's all totally simple and totally not at the same time!! Like when I was idly sitting by watching a friend travel the world and I was at home raising babies. Or when I was running and gunning, furthering a career I thought suited me perfectly, when in fact it did not and I was sorely falling behind in my personal life! Even now I am sure there is something 2 years or 2 months from now I will realize I was doing that could have been done differently, but I have learned that inevitably it will put me on a path that will turn out pivotal at some point!

Ok.. Ok.. I'll get to my point!! My point is... No matter where you are, what you are doing, all that matters is your perspective! How you perceive yourself, here and now, ultimately determines how happy you are, and ultimately how successful you will be. Accept that you don't know it all, you haven't accomplished all there is to accomplish, and never stop trying to learn and gain knowledge from that which surrounds you!!!! Walking into a new situation or walking out of an old one teaches you something, every time!!!!!!! If you don't agree, that's ok, but in my opinion, you are missing the big picture! We are granted time and life through God's grace everyday. We get the chance to choose our path with every second that ticks. That's a pretty awesome gift. But if you are too caught up in the 'I know it all', 'been there done that' mentality, how can you every truly grow and continue to embrace new things or even appreciate them!? I am not saying everyone wants to experience new things or try out something different... but realizing it's an option should be respected!!! No two people are the same and that is a good thing! I can not imagine what the world would be like if we were all identical copies of one another!?! It would be boring and comical, yet sad all at the same time!! 

Right now, as a parent, I am sort of getting a backstage pass to some of my personality traits just in the body of a nine year old boy! Our oldest is getting to that stage where his life is changing, whether you want to call it approaching tween-hood, or the hormones are kickin' in?!?! Whatever the reason, growing pains are plentiful around our casa!! He is emotionally charged like me and as stubborn and strong willed as his daddy! I can see where he is coming from mentally sometimes, and feel his frustrations when his 'black and white' feelings don't gel with the ever so colorful pattern of the world that surrounds him!!! I get a chill when I see his temper flare over the littlest thing because that was me and his dad to a T in our younger years!! Flexibility and the skill of knowing how to go with the flow is something that is learned and earned with maturity. It is something that still holds true to this day!!! We are constantly talking to him and taking advantage of teachable moments to help him to see where open mindedness and perspective can be given. It's never too early to teach our youth the importance of owning one's life and actions!!! Change is inevitable. That I know for certain. I like to think I am keeping pace and I pray it shows... but if not I am sure I can look back and learn from where I came from! Change has come and gone, it will continue to no matter what... but I own my perspective!

Always - Abbey

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