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Off Balance? Find Your Center...

Jan 27, 2013 07:44PM ● By Abbey Lewis

What do you do when you feel out of sorts, off balanced? How do you take a moment to collect yourself and find that calm peace to carry on when things get hectic? It may not seem like something that truly means the difference between success or failure in life, or making healthy choices or unhealthy ones... But believe me, if you can't center yourself or find a way to regain the balance you need from within when times get hectic, success and longevity toward a healthier you will be a hard hill to climb every day. I am a firm believer in having a positive attitude and walking through my days with a 'glass half full' outlook. Sometimes with all the craziness that raising a young family brings, keeping up with the multiple tasks and jobs I take on as a SAHM and fitness instructor, and basically just juggling that which is my life, that 'positive mentality' gets challenged... like every 30 seconds some days!!! One of the best ways I have found to maintain a positive outlook and a healthy balance from within is learning to center myself! Why do I call it this or even think it's important enough to blog about...??? Because it gives me balance. It helps me regain perspective when my real vision is blurred from my laundry list of 'to do's'. Basically it centers me... and anything that can do that when times get tough is top priority for me!!!

Taking care of yourself, knowing how to soothe yourself so that you can have a sense of balance, or being capable of bringing calm into your life when it feels like you are on a never ending bumper car ride at Six Flags is important!!! We all need it and we can't always rely on others to give it to us or help us find it!!! I know plenty of Moms out there who give so much of themselves throughout their days/weeks that when I ask them what their favorite thing to do to unwind is, they literally go blank or laugh uncontrollably because they haven't given back to themselves in so long it's so sad, it's become funny (sadly funny)!!! I know so many Dads who work from sun up to sun down that taking a moment to enjoy a workout or an afternoon on the couch watching sports is taboo or thought of as being lazy. We all know them... people who put everyone but themselves first in line, people who take on so much that they forget to give back to themselves, people caught in such an unhealthy rut that they are lost and so far gone that even contemplating doing something for their physical or mental health is either too intimidating or too hard for them to consider. We all put ourselves last at some point or another through the day or week or year. It happens. But it doesn't have to kick us off balance to the point that we are constantly taking care of others and not ourselves all the time!

Here are a few ways I re-center myself and find balance when I need it:

  • Drink a hot cup of tea
  • Listen to my favorite music or read my favorite song lyrics
  • Write in my journal
  • Have motivational words displayed in my car, my calendar or on my phone
  • Look at pictures of family or friends
  • Read a inspirational quotes or books or magazine articles
  • Take a walk
  • Go for a jog
  • Sit on my back porch early in the morning
  • Do a quick creative task or craft
  • Repeat my goals in my head or write them down where I can see them frequently
  • Do some yoga stretches

Whatever it is that gives you that spark back or rejuvenates your awareness, allow yourself to enjoy it often or when you feel like times are getting tough. Don't deny yourself the time needed to recenter and rebalance... loving yourself isn't a bad or selfish thing!!! You only get one you... How do you take care of yourself??? Share how you balance the good and the bad or the stress and the fun?? Share your balancing act strategies...

Always - Abbey

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