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Feb 06, 2013 09:00PM ● By Abbey Lewis

One day I was walking out of a cycle class at the Cooper Street YMCA (as I have done many times in the last... oh, about 7 years), and the nicest lady struck up a conversation with me. I had seen her before, many times, but never really knew her name. She cycles often and has taken my classes, but we just haven't connected on any other level... other than sweating, cycling, and frequenting the Cooper Y! I am sure any other 'gym rats' out there, like me, can identify!? There are tons of people you smile at or wave to out and about, but when your child says 'who dat mommy?', all that you can pull up is that you know them from the gym!!! Anyways.... Once she introduced herself to me, we both realized we had a lot of common friends, and many things about our interests were similar. After talking a bit, she shared that she was starting a local art gallery in downtown Mansfield soon and invited me learn more about it and visit when it opened. Of course I was all over that... I promptly friended her on facebook and the rest is history!! (Don't get me, any of my close friends, or my hubs started on my friending/Facebooking... especially a #345 friend, who will remain nameless. ha!)

Fast forward to this week.... After seeing her Gallery's Facebook page blossom, I was super excited to see her first class listed!! Although I was bummed I couldn't attend the class, I was totally in love with the project (see above pic)!!! I soooo needed something for our front door that yelled 'LOVE', and this was right up my alley!! So I did what any normal, craft loving girl would do... I set out to copy it!!! Hey... imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!! Right?!!? (Don't answer that!!) Now, with that said, I will admit... The canvas art from The Hue Gallery is way better than what my hour of mad crafting produced!!! But I love what I made, and that's all that matters :)))

Here's my $4 version... Made from a canvas I bought at Michael's and a old shirt I didn't like anymore!!!! If I didn't have 3+ kids running around and a dog trying to escape the front door... I am sure I would have spent more time rounding my heart just so to match, but alas... crafting with kids under foot is what it is!!! 

If you are looking for something different to do with your loved ones this VDay... Check out The Hue Gallery!! It is set right in the heart of downtown Mansfield, surrounded by other local shops and eatery's!!!! Show some Local Love!!!! They have classes for all ages, art for sale and much more to offer!!!! Say Hi to Andrea for me while you are there... tell her I sent ya ;))))

Always - Abbey

Find out what my team of 4 is doing this Valentine's day to celebrate what 'Love Is...' on my blog A Moments Peace

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