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So, How is that New Years' Resolution going for you?

Feb 28, 2013 12:21PM ● By Chuck Swain

According to a study by the University of Scranton published December 13, 2012 in the Journal of Clinical Psychology1 the Top Ten New Years resolutions in order were:

1 Lose Weight

2 Getting Organized

3 Spend Less, Save More

4 Enjoy Life to the Fullest

5 Staying Fit and Healthy

6 Learn Something Exciting

7 Quit Smoking

8 Help Others in Their Dreams

9 Fall in Love

10 Spend More Time with Family

I have spent most of my life studying how to maximize return on investment (ROI). I propose that one could undertake a process that could accomplish numbers 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 10 with a few simple changes and the resulting ripple effects. I think that would be a worthwhile ROI of your time and effort. Achieving six of the top ten resolutions!

Let me ask, How are you doing on your New Years Resolutions? If you are right on track AWESOME! You should share with us your resolution and what you have done to achieve it. Trust me, your experience can help others.

  If the answer is “not too good,” you are not alone. This study also revealed the miserable results for the majority of people. Sixty-one percent (61%) of people in their twenties and a full Seventy-six percent (76%) of people over fifty FAIL to achieve their resolutions.

Before you decide to have “I will make no more New Years’ Resolutions.” As your next resolution, hear me out. There are ways to increase your odds of success dramatically. I am going to share step by step how you can achieve the results you seek.

As a CrossFit box owner and head coach, it makes sense for me to use the number one goal of weight loss as my example, although the concepts will apply to ANY goal you are trying to achieve.

There are several steps, and I will go over each. Today we will start at the beginning. WHY? Simple enough question, but this crucial step is often overlooked to the chagrin of the person who wants to accomplish something. Establishing a compelling WHY is vitally important. If your WHY is strong enough, you can accomplish amazing things.

In our example we are focused on weight loss. So your why may be something like “I want to look great for my wedding, class reunion, mate, etc” although my experience in training numerous people has shown that this is usually not a strong enough WHY for most people. It is more of a nice to have than a HAVE to have goal. Your WHY is the anchor for your goal accomplishment. If your WHY is for another person, it is usually too weak to withstand the challenges of the HOW. This is not always true. For example if your WHY is to set a great example for your children so they don’t die prematurely of excess weight related health concerns such as Diabetes, Apnea, Heart disease, Stroke. That kind of WHY can push you through when the HOW gets tough.

But a better plan for your WHY is to make it personal and emotional. How has carrying your extra weight cost you so far in your life? Beyond that, if you continue along your current trajectory how will it affect you in the future? How will your own health and happiness be affected over the years to come? What will you miss out on? Will you attract the person you deserve or end up settling for someone that will have the person you have become? How much harder will it be to change when you have put on more weight a year or two from now? Will you be able to run and play with your friends, your children, your grand children or will you cheer from the sidelines because you CAN’T do these things?

For me it was CREDIBILITY. As a Regional HR Director, I was coaching executives.   A good friend of mine, who was in a stressful leadership role, was on the verge of a stroke. I told him he needed to lose weight and get in shape. I was concerned that he might literally die at work. He told me “You are one to talk.” At that time I was about 60 pounds overweight with high blood pressure and sleep apnea, despite hitting the gym regularly at 5am. That was the moment. I decided that in order for my words to have the impact I felt they deserved, I had to find a solution for myself.

I don’t know what your big WHY is. But I can tell you that you need to spend some time to figure it out. A little “why” just won’t cut it when things get tough, and they will get tough. If it were easy you would have already done it. Isn’t that true?

In future posts I will cover additional steps to achieve your resolutions and goals. Until then, invest a few minutes in your own success and figure out the big WHY of what you want to accomplish. If you can’t come up with it, then it is not likely to change and you should accept the facts and move on.

Tough love is still love,

Chuck Swain

Owner & Head Coach CrossFit FerVor in Mansfield, Texas



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