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Spring Arrives - the March/April Issue of Mansfield Magazine

Mar 18, 2013 06:33PM ● By Brian O

Mar/Apr 2013 Spring Cover Mansfield Magazine

Spring is here! Green lawns, budding flowers, more sunshine, baseball season…we could go on with more reasons why we love this time of year. But this season also also makes this one of our favorite issues of Mansfield Magazine because we cover springtime activities. This year is no exception. It was fun to organize and we hope you find some new, interesting and useful ideas.

When you think of spring, it often conjures up trips to area parks for a picnic, a bike ride or a chance to play with your kids. The parks around here are some of the best you’ll find. In Kennedale, that’s thanks to people like Larry Hoover. The 46-year-old has spent more than two decades working in city parks departments. He’s been with Kennedale for the past seven years and served as streets and parks superintendent for the past five. He knows what he’s doing and it shows. We had a chance to find out more about him and the city’s streets and parks department for this issue’s Community Profile.

Outdoor activities are beginning to ramp up and Steve Huddleston gives us the lowdown on prepping your lawn for the coming summer. If you want to see green this summer check out his Lawn & Garden tips for killing weeds and properly fertilizing right now. And Mary Phillips tells you how to keep your garden free of unwanted pests and insects by calling on their own natural enemies to eliminate them.
And, as always, we can count on her when it comes to fun craft ideas with our kids using inexpensive items around the house – this month it’s tin can wind chimes!

Cooking can be fun anytime of year but Carol Ritchie brings us some great springtime cooking ideas in this issue’s Cookin’ with Carol. Whether it’s healthy and colorful veggies, fresh sweets or refreshing seasonal beverages, there’s sure to be something here you’ll want to try for that backyard or neighborhood get together. For a refreshing sprint recipe, try the Sugar Snap Pea Salad with Bacon that Mary Phillips has cooked up for us.

Springtime also brings us out of our homes and into our yards to refill flowerbeds, plant gardens and take care of landscaping that’s been neglected all winter. Dr. Clint Dacus, DC reminds us to stretch our muscles before reaching for those gardening tools. Learn some important tips and suggestions for taking care of your back.

You’ll find all of the other departments and features you have come to expect in this issue of Mansfield Magazine. We all want you to read and enjoy it but for now, go out and enjoy what spring in North Texas has to offer!

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