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Vampire Biter

Jun 07, 2013 02:15PM ● By Lisa Drake


By Debbie Nicholls at The Children's Spot 

My child has been bit AGAIN!”

As a parent, you have every right to be furious if your child has been attacked by a vampire child.  It hurts your child and they do not understand why this happened.  Whether your child attends child care, public school, private school or is just playing outside, they can be the victim of a vampire biter. 

Ask yourself the following questions and see if you can see consistent times or reasons why the biting occurred:

*Was the vampire biter – frustrated, tired, teething, crowded, being a bully, hungry, not wanting to share, bored, not disciplined and finally, at what time did the bite occur?

*Was the victim – crying a lot and making the biter anxious, not disciplined or trying to take the biter’s toy or food?


Remember bites are usually from toddlers (12 months – 23 months) or two year olds.  They have not yet developed good speaking or communication skills.  Eventually, they will achieve these and the vampires die out.  The biter could just need pain reliever for teething, a nap, something crunchy to chew on, more space, or some good discipline.  The victim may need social skills, learn how to share, or not be a bully. 


Communication is the key.  Talk with the caregiver or parent of the biter, and let them know you need help.  Always give the victim love and affection after the bite.  Remember, the victim could be the next vampire biter.  There is hope.  Normally biting goes away as fast as it came. 

To reach Debbie Nicholls, visit or call the center at 817-473-0441.

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