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Flower Pot Apples

Jul 23, 2013 06:51PM ● By mary phillips

Terra-cotta "apple pots" are fast and fun to make as back-to-school gifts!

As the calendar flips from July to August and 'back-to-school' preparations begin, take a break from shopping and planning to do something creative with the children.  This adorable 'teacher's apple' is made quickly and inexpensively from a terra-cotta pot and saucer, and can be filled as a gift for new teachers, school staff and friends. 

Gather materials:

Terra-cotta pots and matching saucers – 4 to 6 inches in diameter is best

Red spray paint in a gloss finish

Green ribbon – at least an inch wide and 18 inches long for each apple

Filler for your gifts: seed packets, garden gloves, wrapped candies, small school supplies, etc.


Make your gifts:

Supervise children as you spray both the inside and outside of your pots and saucers with red spray paint.   Allow them to dry for 24 hours.  For best results, place on wax paper as you spray to minimize sticking.

When your pots are dry, fill them with gift items and place the saucer upside down on the pot.  Wrap a length of green ribbon around each pot and saucer to secure them together and shape each bow to resemble leaves.

Attach tags and notes if you want, and then watch as your apples light up your teachers' eyes! 

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