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Falling For It

Sep 23, 2013 03:03PM ● By Lisa Drake

Sep/Oct 2013

Falling For It

The summer months and activities are all behind us now as the kids have headed back to school, football rules the weekends and the season begins its transition. It won’t be long until the mild Texas winter is upon us – one of the greatest things about living here. But until then, we have a few months of fall to enjoy.


We’ve prepared this issue of Mansfield Magazine with fall in mind. Now that the weather is cooling down it provides many great opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy things like Mansfield’s fantastic parks. I’d argue we have some of the finest parks around and that’s partly because of people like James Fish.  I had a chance to visit one-on-one with Fish, Mansfield’s senior parks planner, this past summer. He’s dedicated to Mansfield and its parks department and he shared with us some of the parks department’s upcoming projects. If you love getting outside in Mansfield you will want to read this story.



While you’re outside you’ll probably survey your yard. If you’ve considered planting any trees lately, perhaps no tree is more “southern” than the magnolia. Steve Huddleston identifies three unique species that grow in North Texas. Read up in this issue’s Lawn & Garden on the broad-leafed evergreens and their sweet fragrant blossoms. You may get some landscaping ideas of your own. Or invite your neighbors to build a DIY scarecrow to decorate your porch or yard for the season.


Of course we couldn’t publish an issue without some great kitchen ideas from Carol Ritchie. This time she digs into slow cooking (think Crockpot) with recipes that are unique, simple to prepare and provide a great meal to gather the family around during this busy season. As always – we’ve prepared a delightful bonus recipe for you to welcome fall into season. Here’s a spiced pumpkin bread recipe the whole family will want to take a bite out of.


We also had a chance to try out a new Mexican restaurant in town. Mama Cuca's Mexican Restaurant - Mansfield, TX is a family-operated place that serves great authentic Mexican dishes. Enrique Rodriguez has been in the restaurant business since he was a teenager, but this is his first place to call his own. You can read about it in Local Flavor – but go try it for yourself!


There’s lots more packed into the pages of this issue. Hope you enjoy it and let us hear from you!

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