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Farm to Fork Foods Adds Storefront

Jul 23, 2014 06:36PM ● By Brian Ostrovsky

Krista & Micah Grant, Founders of Farm to Fork Foods

Last Fall Kerry Pipes wrote about Farm to Fork Foods run by Arlington natives Krista and Micah Grant and their efforts to bring natural meats to our community. We revisit their story now that they've introduced a storefront and expanded inventory.

As new parents they became concerned with the quality and health-value of the foods they were feeding their growing family, starting the business was the result of a happy accident.

"I found a local ranch that would deliver meat to my home if I had a fairly small minimum order. I gathered a few friends, and we were excited about not having to hunt down good beef. Then we wanted chicken, which required a larger order, and then fish, which required a <really> large order. From there it snowballed." Krista had previously explained to Kerry.

Business has been good and Farm to Fork Foods has continued to grow. The Star-Telegram reports, "Customers can still order meats and pick them up at drop-off points in Keller, Fort Worth, Mansfield and Midlothian, but the new store offers point-of-sale convenience."

The storefront introduces added convenience for clients and makes it easier to work with suppliers who prefer a more steady stream of orders rather than fewer large orders as was the case when they buy in bulk as a group. Though they still offer co-op-like services.

In addition to the new physical location, they've added new products including Raw & Unfiltered Honey which boasts a host of healthy benefits and essential oils.

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The Grant’s subsequent quest for more natural, healthy meats has grown into an opportunity to provide all kinds of natural meats to those in the Arlington and Mansfield communities. The Arlington natives founded Farm To Fork Foods about a year ago Read more
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