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Hot Seats in Arlington

Jul 23, 2014 08:48PM ● By Todd Kaufmann

Image: Ron Jenkins/Star Telegram

If you're still watching the Texas Rangers and what has turned into the ugliest season this team has probably ever had, I applaud you staying committed regardless of the terrible baseball being played.

This season couldn't have gone any worse for this team and for manager Ron Washington. Losing most of your starters for the entire season and we're just getting past the All-Star break with a lot more season left to play. It can't be a lot of fun for the players or its manager.

Down the street from the home of the Texas Rangers is the home that Jerry Jones built. The home of the Dallas Cowboys, otherwise known as "America's Team," who have just a single playoff victory under their belt in the last 18 seasons.

America must like mediocrity, but I digress.

The team with the star on their helmet flew out to Oxnard, California this week to begin their three-week training camp before they return to Texas.

The media will snap their pictures, they'll watch practice each day, and the radio stations will get excited again because football is back and because there's not much to talk about where the Rangers, or the Dallas Mavericks, are concerned.

There’s one thing the Rangers and Cowboys do have in common – the head coach/manager could both be on the hot seat and could be looking for new jobs when each of their respective seasons are over.

While Washington doesn't deserve to lose his job, especially because there's nothing he could have done to prevent what has happened to his team, it certainly wouldn't surprise me if this season is all the upper management needs to move on to someone else.

For the Cowboys, head coach Jason Garrett is being given one more season to try and come up with something better than the 8-8 record they've finished with each of the last three seasons. While some think Garrett should have been gone after this past season, myself included, Jones told the media earlier today that it's not a make or break season for his head coach. “No, in terms of the record of this team, this is not a make-or-break situation for Jason and members of this staff.” 

Don't take that as Jones wouldn't, or shouldn't, make a move for a new head coach if this season ends worse than the last three because the team's owner wasn't going to show anything but support, especially since training camp is just getting underway.

Two years ago, after another 8-8 finish, Jones told the media, "things are going to be very uncomfortable [at Valley Ranch]," yet the only move that was made was the firing of defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, who was replaced by Monty Kiffin, only to see the Cowboys' defense become the worst the NFL had seen in recent memory.

Uncomfortable huh?

When push comes to shove, and after one incredibly rough season for the Rangers, and possibly another mediocre finish for the Cowboys, will both teams move on from their manager or their head coach?

Or will it just be the same old story?

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