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Uncovering Mansfield's Music Scene with Discover Historic Mansfield

Jul 28, 2014 08:15AM ● By Brian Ostrovsky

Historic Mansfield is a great place to play

In Mansfield we're blessed to have a wealth of local entertainment and culture that highlights our past and gives us a glimpse of our bright future. Discover Historic Mansfield has been the driving force for the past eight years with all things happening in the historic area.

We connected with Steve Cosio, DHM President, to learn more about what's-what with local music. Starting on Facebook, we asked Steve which 5 Mansfield venues were his favorite venues where he replied, "Asking to pick the top five is like asking a parent who their favorite children are!" - See the embedded Facebook post below for Steve's answer!

Tell us a little about the music scene in Mansfield, what are some of the trends you see?
The music scene is concentrated right now in the downtown area, but favorite local acts are spilling out into the whole community. Downtown Mansfield has spawned Scott & Steve, Tyree Lindsey, Brad Russell, and PB&J. New group Wonderland has also made an appearance. Solos and duos are big, but that is likely because the venues in which they play are small and VERY intimate.
How would you describe local venues?
The venues are primarily indoors, with Steven's Garden and Grill going indoor/outdoor as the seasons allow. Other venues include the The Farr Best Theater, and Big D Barbecue. You can see occasional performances at Music Place MansfieldDayDream PhotographyMaryLou’s Sandwich Shoppe, and even in Sequel Bridal. All venues are family-owned and most are small, seating 20-40 people. Most offer food and beverages without a cover charge, though some acts do request a nominal cover.
What can people expect in terms of performers?
There’s a misnomer that free music is not good or the assumption that Mansfield cannot attract high-quality music. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve attracted artists from all over the Metroplex and as far away as Austin and Nashville to perform in Mansfield. Many are Grammy Award winners.
What's unique about enjoying music in Mansfield? What do you like best? 
Getting to interact with the musicians, and not in a, "How y'all doin'?" way, but to actually sit and talk to them and have pictures taken. Many of these venues are like sitting in someone's living room.
What are you excited about over the next few months?
The one venue that has people salivating with anticipation has to be Mellow Mushroom, which will open later this summer at the corner of Main and Broad. The Farr Best Theater is undergoing major renovations in preparation for their fall concert series. Downtown art projects such as the 30 in 30 scavenger hunt or the Mansfield 88 Painted Piano Project have brought people to the area.

Editor's Note: You can see the first of the pianos in the Mansfield 88 Piano Project we introduced back in August 2012


Sunshine Daydream
Local artists and donors team up to create interactive art displays in Historic Downtown Mansfield. Downtown visitors are encouraged to view (and play) these artistic creations. Take a tour here. Read more


Anything else we should know about you, Discover Historic Mansfield and how people can get involved etc?
Discover Historic Mansfield is always in need of volunteers. People who have a passion for art and music and would love to watch a community blossom. We can be contacted through our website at

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