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Faith Needs a Home

Sep 16, 2014 03:19PM ● By Lori Strittmatter

Faith was found at a local park and is in need of a home

Poor Faith was picked up as a stray after some kids found her at a local park.  We quickly realized that she had seen better days.  She was missing quite a bit of her hair on her back and appeared to have a broken front leg, but that didn't stop her from trying to be my new best friend.  She immediately got into my vehicle and away we went.  

She was so sweet and decided that she wanted to be everyone's new best friend in the office. We scheduled an appointment at a local vet clinic to see what was going on with her hair and her front leg.  The vet noticed while we were there that it appeared that Faith was also favoring her other front leg so x-rays were done.  Her left front leg sustained a pretty good break, probably from being hit by a car previously and had healed back incorrectly.  The x-ray also showed an old break on her right front leg that the vet believes was caused by a gunshot would that went through the bone and had also healed back incorrectly.  Not to mention her horrible flea allergy that caused her hair to fall out.  

Since Faith came in on August 7, she has been doing very well.  Her back is almost completely healed and her legs don't really seem to bother her, the vet didn't believe she could have surgery to repair them because neither front leg would be able to over-compensate for the recovering leg and these both were old injuries.  

Faith is a very sweet dog that desperately wants a big, fluffy bed to sleep in and a good home to call her own.  Faith doesn't care much for cats or smaller dogs, she would also need a submissive friend if she was going to have a dog buddy.  

Faith needs to be in a less active household due to her old injuries, she can't be a jogging buddy or somewhere where she would be running around all the time.  

You can read more about Faith at, or contact the Mansfield Animal Care & Control at 817-276-4799, 407 Industrial Blvd., Mansfield, Texas 76063

This is the first article highlighting adoptable pets and you can read more about Mansfield Animal Care and Control at the article below.
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