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Mansfield fourth-grader qualifies for elite All-Star baseball team

Sep 19, 2014 04:50PM ● By Lisa Drake

Nine-year-old Logan Myers aspires to play Major League Baseball one day. The Mansfield Carol Holt Elementary fourth-grader recently tried out for the United States Specialty Sports Association All Star Team and was selected to play in a tournament in Florida and televised this past August. His team played four games during the tournament and was eventually recognized as the 3rd place team in the nation. The young slugger had several key hits, RBIs and made some important defensive plays. He played catcher, shortstop and center field and, he said, it was a great experience for he and his teammates.

Back at home, Logan is a hard-working student – who’s in the gifted and talented program – and excels at both academics and sports. His mother and father, Jennifer and Ryan, are both educators and Logan has two brothers and a sister to round out the family.

“Our family is incredibly blessed and Logan is a special child. We really are proud of him,” says his mom. “He is an incredible person inside and out. He is kind and very sensitive. People gravitate towards him and his teachers always talk about his humbleness, his kind spirit and his leadership qualities.”

We had a chance to ask Logan to tell us more about himself and his passion for baseball.

How long have you been interested in and playing baseball? I've been playing baseball on a team since I was three years old. One of my first words was “ball.”

What position(s) do you play? I play catcher, shortstop, center field and pitcher.

What kind of bat do you prefer? Rawlings 5150.

Do you play other sports? I play other sports at school and at home with my brothers and sister. But the only organized sport I play is baseball.

What leagues have you played in? My first coach was my father. It was through the YMCA when I was three years old. Since then, I have played in MYBA. I have played Select baseball for the Texas Sox, Texas Toros, Texas Dingers and now the Dallas Patriots.

Tell us about your plans for your baseball career. I am going into the 4th grade at Carol Holt Elementary school in Mansfield. I will attend Mansfield Legacy High School and look forward to playing baseball for them.

How much practice/training does baseball require? A lot. It depends on your dedication and what you want to achieve. I work out four hours a week with my private coaches Kyle Horan and Justin Brucks on hitting, catching and pitching. They are the top instructors at the Select Baseball Training Academy run by Coach John Davis. I also love playing the game and will throw or hit with my dad whenever it is light outside. Hershel Walker and Bo Jackson talked about the training they did on their own, so I do push-ups and sit-ups everyday too.

What was the greatest game or play you were ever involved in and tell us what happened? Last year, I hit two grand slams over the fence in the same game. I also hit a two run double giving me 10 RBI's in that game. More importantly, my team won that game against a very good team from Waco. 

Who are some of your baseball heroes? Jackie Robinson tops my list of baseball heroes. Other baseball guys that I consider heroes are Johnny Bench, Babe Ruth, Mike Trout, and Derek Jeter.

How did you get selected for the All American Baseball Team? A tournament director invited me to attend a tryout at Big League Dreams in Mansfield. They looked at how fast we could run, how strong our arms were, how solid our gloves were, how well we could hit, and how fast catchers could throw the ball to second base (pop time).  I had the highest infield arm velocity and 60-yard dash time at the tryout. I had the fastest pop-time in the nation for 9 and up players that were invited or chose to attend the tryout. I also received one of the highest grades for my defense and hitting ability. 

How did you find out you had been selected for the team? The folks at USSSA broadcast the team selections live on the Internet on June 24th. It was cool to see my picture and name pop up on the broadcast.

Where did you go to play the All American Games and what was the outcome? The all American games were in Orlando, Florida at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. We ended up third in the nation.

What’s next for your baseball career? I am going to play on a 10 and up major team with the Dallas Patriots. I will keep training during the week with Coach Kyle and Coach Justin. They are awesome instructors.

Describe how your family has supported your interest? My family supports me financially and emotionally. They make sure that I am being challenged to work hard in a safe environment.

What kind of student are you? Favorite subject? I have made the A-Honor Roll every year I've been in school. I am in the Gifted and Talented program in MISD and I love school. My teachers have all been incredible and challenged me. I also participated in UIL and won first place in the district meet for Storytelling. I also participated in the regional Destination Imagination meet and our team won 6th place overall. During the school year, I am involved in Chess Club and Battle of the Books. My favorite subject is math. My dad is a high school math teacher and he has inspired me.

Other interests/hobbies? I love reading, hanging out with my friends, family and cousins. I like swimming, going to the beach and watching Ohio State University play sports, especially football. Go Bucks!

What do you do in your spare time? During the summer, I like playing outside with the other kids in my neighborhood. I also like to read, hang out with my family and go to baseball lessons.

How would you describe your personality? Intense. My mom says that my teachers told her everyone gravitates towards me. I'm a positive energy and they love teaching me.

What are your college/career plans? I will play Major League Baseball if I keep working hard and avoid injury.

What do you like the most about going to school in Mansfield? The teachers are nice. They challenge me and keep me interested in school. They also have a great GT program that let's me think and perform outside the box.

What kind of career do you want to go into after school/college? I want to play professional baseball. 

Who has inspired you and why? My dad inspires me. He motivates me to reach my goals and make my dreams come true. He is my rock!

Ice cream or apple pie? Ice cream all the way!

Food indulgence? Fruit snacks. 

What are you most proud of? I am proud that God has blessed me with many talents and that I try my best to honor Him - on the baseball diamond, in the classroom and in life.


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