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What Does Fall Mean to You? Facebook Poll & Gallery

Oct 16, 2014 10:30AM ● Published by Kevin

Photo provided by Stephen Burn

Gallery: What Does Fall Mean to You, Mansfield? [3 Images] Click any image to expand.

Just before fall officially hit, we took to Facebook to find out your favorite things about the upcoming season. We received quite a few responses, as well as some awesome pictures. Now it's time to share and see which fall activity took the (pumpkin-infused) cake!

If you like getting out and about, make sure you check out our 2014 Mansfield Area Pumpkin Patch Guide and our 2014 Mansfield Area Trunk-or-Treat Guide, too.

Photo Opportunities

"Fall pictures always come out the best!! Also, it's the prefect weather for outdoor festivals/fairs/entertainment. Halloween." - Cassie Benites Crow

Photo provided by Cassie Benites Crow. Photo courtesy of Creek Side Photography

Photo provided by Cassie Benites Crow



"Pumpkin muffins" - Brenda Weinstock

...and Amy Morales Burch added pumpkins and comfort food to her list of fall favorites.


"...leaves changing colors, cooler weather!" - Deana McMillen Griffin

"Cooler weather and fall colours are wonderful for walking Max." - Stephen Burn
Photo provided by Stephen Burn

"...nice weather temps." - Jason Paige Malone

"When it is 80 or below!" - Rae Cashion Huffstetter

Football - Your Winner!

The overwhelming majority of our fans voted football as their favorite fall feature. Here's what you had to say.

"It's football season! College football is great - especially SEC football!" - Karen Hammonds Abernathy

"College football!!" - Donna Eastman (fans weren't very happy with the photo Donna shared, although she said she does root for the hometown team all but once a year)

Deana McMillen Griffen, Jason Paige Malone and Amy Morales Burch all added football to their lists of favorites, too.

And this about sums it all up:

"Bonfires. Holiday traditions. Jeans & hoodies. Hot apple cider. Pumpkin & winter squash everything! Fall is about family, friends, football & food!"Kendra's Kreations

Got something to add? Tell us in the comments!

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