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Palace Dance Center to Celebrate Two Years in Business

Nov 03, 2014 12:28PM ● By Kevin
Palace Dance Center, 2880 N. Hwy 157, Ste. 106, will celebrate its two-year anniversary in December. In light of the accomplishment, Mansfield Magazine took some time to get to know owner and director Jennifer Hawkins, who is also former Miss Mansfield Texas International (2011), as well as her business and how it helps the community.

Mansfield Magazine: Tell us a little about the dance center and its activities. Is there a main focus or draw that people reference?

Jennifer Hawkins: We are truly a dance studio. We focus on the success of your dancer's future dance career. Also we pride ourself with kindness. Not only do the Royalty Dancers feel comfortable, but our Royalty Parents feel comfortable at Palace Dance Center. [I], along with [my] three Pre-Queen staff teachers all from Summit High School Sapphires in Mansfield Texas, assure each technique and movement.

[I have] helped [more than] 300 dancers become officers on their high school dance teams, make high school dance teams, make college dance teams, and make professional dance teams for the NBA, NFL, and become professional dancers for some of the most famous recording artists.

MM: What types of services do you offer?

Hawkins: Palace Dance Center offers [more than] 17 dance subjects, from ballet, tap, drill team, hip hop to competition teams and performance teams. Palace Dance Center specializes in building the confidence of dancers ages 2 through 100 in any style of dance. We also prepare solos, duets, talents shows, weddings, professional teams, praise dance, and competitive cheer routines.

Palace Dance Center utilizes [its] space for dance/non-dance events such as birthday parties, rehearsals, gatherings, dinners, bachelorette parties, and dance team space.

MM: How does the experience change throughout the seasons at the dance center? 

Hawkins: Throughout the dance year you will see your dancer go from wiggling around in their room to actually speaking German and French using the proper dance terms and dance techniques while dancing under direction or freestyling. You will also see a change in your dancer's leadership role in dance, and in day-to-day routines, their confidence will escalate in the most positive way.

MM: Tell us more about the events you've highlighted in our calendar - how do they help the community, what good things do people say about the events you hold?

Hawkins: The events posted are 100-percent volunteer. The Palace Dance Center Royal Dancers Performance Team [is] a group of dancers that [is] sponsored by CAR Transport in Burleson. Unfortunately we have not had a Mansfield Sponsor since 2012.

This group of dancers makes appearances throughout Mansfield to uplift spirits, entertain, and just help. We have worked alongside the Mansfield Police Department, Hawaiian Falls staff, Mansfield ISD, The State Fair of Texas, The Arlington Knights Football Association, Kindred Rehabilitation Center, and the city of Mansfield. We are always loved at each event. This season we have not had to book any events ourselves, we have been blessed to be invited by these companies in advance. Every weekend we rehearse event-appropriate routines to perform three times of month.

MM: What's something people usually assume about the dance center?

Hawkins: That Palace Dance Center only has a few subjects as most studios do, but we offer everything for everyone, in a large age range.

MM: What do people usually assume that's incorrect?

Hawkins: That it is going to be like another studio they have been to. I can guarantee you it won't be. Other dance studios allow play time, or non-greet. Palace Dance Center is like a breath of fresh air, our dancers and their parents feel at home at Palace Dance Center. They enjoy the teaching style, growth of the dancer, the greet and de-greet every time the door opens, and most importantly no stress. It is truly where everyone is treated like royalty.

MM: What is your personal favorite aspect of the dance center?

Hawkins: My favorite aspect of Palace Dance Center is we live up to our word. If I tell you your dancer will have their splits in a month, it will happen. I love that the dancers are always in a hurry to arrive to Palace Dance Center and hug their teachers and each dance sister, and they never want to leave. We have some dancers that come at 4:30 and don't leave until 10 just so they can be around their teachers and their dance sisters. They will do their homework or assist. It is truly a beautiful family at Palace Dance Center, no whispering, secrets, or cliques.

MM: What's the funniest, strangest, most unusual thing people have asked you?

Hawkins: This is a no brainer. People always ask me am I old enough to work. I look really young, but one thing is for sure I am the owner and director.

MM: Are there any recent or upcoming changes that people should know about?

Hawkins: We are open seven days a week so our Saturday and Sunday Classes are all ready for dancers to join.

MM: What is the most rewarding thing about being a part?

Hawkins: I get to teach the way I know will work for every dancer. Some studios try to do things by the book and that doesn't work for every dancer.

MM: What are your goals for the center for years to come?

Hawkins: Our biggest goals [are] to have more than one location, have each dancer be successful in life and have them say it's because I helped them become who they are, and get our name out there in the most positive way.

MM: Anything else we should know about you, the dance center, the team, how people can get involved?

Hawkins: Palace Dance Center is very easy to join. We never close enrollment, just let us know when you want to start. Send us an email: and visit our website: and you can be part of the Royalty Life at Palace Dance Center.

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