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Pipeline Project Connecting East Texas to DFW May Disrupt Mansfield

Nov 26, 2014 10:29PM ● Published by Kevin

Water Pipeline Stock Image (not actual Mansfield image). Photo courtesy of CSIRO.

Just weeks after a recent report of Mansfield resident dissatisfaction with drilling near a residential neighborhood, yet another effort is being made to revamp public works methods.

According to a Nov. 19 article by Bill Hanna of the Star-Telegram, The Tarrant Regional Water District has identified a section of Mansfield resident Charles Crook’s property as a route for a pipeline that will connect to a $2.3 billion project to bring more water to Dallas-Fort Worth from East Texas.

"Under the plan, the pipeline would come within 100 feet of his house on Gibson Cemetery Road, about a mile outside Mansfield," the article says. "Crook doesn’t dispute that the water is needed — he said he supports the project — but he contends that the water district could have chosen a route with less impact on the semirural neighborhood."

For the full story, including a video explaining the pipeline's effect, click here.

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