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Wine, Women and Wealth, Free Dinner and Financial Wellness Workshop Promote Fun Networking in Arlington

Dec 02, 2014 11:25AM ● By Kevin

Looking to get out and meet like-minded professionals in your area? Last time, we featured the Around Arlington Business Networking group, which provides an outlet for creating relationships in the community. The organization's founders are also involved with two other groups that promote financial wellness and networking: Wine, Women and Wealth, and the Free Dinner and Financial Wellness Workshop.

Group organizers Rich and Monica Claypool, took some time to chat with Mansfield Magazine about the groups, the way they serve the Mansfield/Arlington communities and how you can get involved.

Mansfield Magazine: When did each group come about? How did you/the founders come up with the idea to put them together? How have they evolved over their lifespan? 

Rich Claypool: Wine, Women and Wealth-October 2013. This group came about through a mutual friend who was running a Wine Women and Wealth out of state, but not through We started with the idea of meeting more business owners. I personally went door to door handing out a postcard inviting them to our free event. Over time more relationships - both business and personal - have been the outcome. See the Facebook page at: 

The [other] event we do was initially called FREE DINNER AND Money 101, which is now called FREE DINNER AND Financial Wellness Workshop. We started this October 2013. This is a free dinner and money seminar. The format is completely different than what most dinner/seminars are. First: we never have you sign in. Most companies do this and they will continue to call until you go into the witness protection program. Second: we don’t sell anything - CD’s, kits, etc. We put this on as a community service. At the end we do pass around a questionnaire, and we tell the audience if there was something we covered this evening that you would like more information about, check the appropriate box, along with your contact information. If they just want to be on our mailing list, put their contact information, and we invite them to attend our next or future event.

Monica: Networking, 10-15 minute topical discussion (previously discussed the book, The Energy Bus, by Jon Gordon), 30 second guest introductions... We always spotlight three to four ladies who each have 3-5 minutes to demo their product and/or talk about their business. 

We have a little wine, some appetizers and have lots of laughs as we encourage each other and the journey we are on. Predominately a free event, the only cost is if you want to spotlight your product, the fee is minimal: $20.

Most of us see each other at other at Around Arlington Networking or happy hour type events.  

MM: How often/when do you meet? What types of activities do you do at your meetings? How about outside of the meetings?

Rich: Wine, Women and Wealth, and Free Dinner and Financial Wellness Workshop is a monthly event.

We hold the dinner monthly at the The Spaghetti Warehouse Restaurant - Arlington, TX. We mingle for 30 minutes, and I try to connect people for networking purposes. We serve water, and tea and salad. After this we do about a 45 minute to an hour money workshop-once completed we serve dinner. We eat with the crowd, my wife Monica, my daughter Hannah Jones (age 14) and my business partner Vince Lombardo host this. This is a team effort we each do our part meeting new people, making them feel welcome, and seeing clients and friends as well. 

MM: If I'm a newbie and want to get involved, how do I go about doing it?


Can be added to our invite list by emailing me at or 

MM: What is the most interesting thing you've learned through these endeavors?

Monica: That people do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

MM: What are your plans with your groups in 2015? Goals/events/new ideas?

Rich: WWW---We want to expand this up to the Frisco area so we are doing this twice a month within the first six months of 2015, and add a third location (Ft. Worth or Grapevine) the second half of 2015.

Financial wellness Dinner — add a second location by mid-year up in the Frisco area.

Do you or someone you know participate in this group? Share your photos and experiences in the comments below. Contact us if you are a part of a different group and would like to be featured.

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