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Arlington Woman Helps 'Match' Entrepreneurs for Better Networking

Dec 08, 2014 06:45PM ● By Kevin
In 2012, an Arlington entrepreneur opened her home to help match like-minded business owners and leaders to socialize, energize and monetize their networks. Dr. Angelica Underwood is the founder of the Arlington Match Entrepreneurs meetup group.

"You will learn sales techniques, team building strategies, leadership development, presentation skills, and building an online presence and so much more," the group's website says. "What makes us different as that we take the time to understand the needs of our members, and we proactively 'match' them with other members based on what they need and what they offer. This "done for you" networking service is made possible through our experienced Business Development Specialists, which are also known as 'Matchmakers.'"

Underwood took some time to chat with Mansfield Magazine about the group, her live radio podcast, and how members of the community can get involved.

Mansfield Magazine: 
How did you/the founders come up with the idea to put the group together? How has it evolved over its lifespan?

Dr. Angelica Underwood: I had many questions unanswered and found out that many other entrepreneurs were experts in different fields and had the answers I was searching for. I also wanted to see how I can duplicate with the same concept of finding a partner but with my business entrepreneurs would find other experts they were searching for to help them solve their problems and find solutions. I often say, "Even Super Heroes Need Help!" We all need help from each other.

MM: How often/when do you meet? What types of activities do you do at your meetings? How about outside of the meetings?

Underwood: We meet every second Saturday of the month 10 a.m. Small business entrepreneurs have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their business, two business entrepreneurs have an opportunity to prepare a pitch (presentation) for the group, and we have several workshops that will help business owners expand their knowledge and skills

I am thinking of going out to the universities and colleges to see if interns are willing to work with some of these small business owners which will help expand their skills and open work opportunities for them. I strongly believe in networking to help business owners expand their business.

MM: If I'm a newbie and want to get involved, how do I go about doing it? What benefits does the group serve its members?

Underwood: If you are a newbie and want to get involved, you can join the Silver Membership. This is a free membership for online and offline. The only requirement is a $5 meetup [fee] to cover for any meeting room expenses and pay food and beverages depending where the meetup is. I have different type of memberships that I have available but it depends on how committed the entrepreneur is about growing and networking. 

MM: What is the most interesting thing you've learned through the endeavor?

Underwood: Networking played a huge role in the success these business people spent on networking activities – people who spend 6.3 hours a week were more successful in their business than those who spend two or less hours per week. Clearly those that spend less than two hours believe that networking is ineffective way to build their business.

Now here is more amazing information: those that spent a little over six hours a week of networking generated almost 47 percent of all their business through referrals and networking activities.

MM: Could you go into more detail about the business made easy strategies? What are the benefits? Why do you think the community at large benefits from this particular method?

Underwood: You see in my transformational journey I experienced it forced me to reflect and ask many questions during tough times of my life.  My first steps were finding people that had answers that I was searching for, and I also ended up finding many of my questions within myself. Through this journey, I learned that "Even Super Heroes Need Help!" I connected with extraordinary people across the world to find answers to my questions and to help others who are in the same desperate need and want to get their business to the next level.

I decided to take big steps. I discovered the power and art of networking; I help entrepreneurs magnify and intensify who you are and gain new experiences you desire and need. The first steps that you will take are an assessment to assess your needs and take you to an entirely new level by creating the destiny you desire.

MM: What are your plans with your group in 2015? Goals/events/new ideas?

Underwood: I plan to have a live event in May 2015 to help entrepreneurs make deeper connection and understand the power and art of networking and the law of multiplication. I hope to introduce my book at that event and explain the law of multiplication.

MM: What makes Arlington special to you in terms of your passion? How about the members of your group? Do you and your group have favorite hangouts/places to network? 

Underwood: I am searching for a favorite place to hangout. I have opened the doors to my home for our first meetings so it have been very intimate place to meet. I love Arlington and feel that business entrepreneurs need to voice their passion and the way this will happen is if we all come together to understand what we do and what we have to offer. I put experts on my database and refer them to other experts who are searching for what they have and offer. My referrals are not limited to the local community but international experts.

MM: What other information would you like to pass along? Parting words for the community?

Underwood: I recommend Match Entrepreneurs Network to anyone who is thinking about connecting with high caliber of entrepreneurs, high content, informative sessions, and who is open to new ideas and suggestions to move your business forward. Match Entrepreneurs Network gives you networking opportunities, pieces that are useful, and understand how to grow from the inside out, branding, public relationships (how to get free publication), social media, turn your actions to transactions. Delve to what is your true purpose!

I love to connect with successful entrepreneurs who share their expert profit secrets during our live radio show and podcasting series. I am committed about getting you what you want in business and life. I find the right experts that have the answers you been searching for.

You need to know that everything in your mind is already done. You see 90 percent is mindset and 10 percent action. Now you need to move into the person that you want to become. By taking the right action and finding the right experts that will take you to the next level.

Here is where you begin taking action – Connect with me on my live radio show and Livestream TV shows where I am helping millions of entrepreneurs across the world by helping them take the limits from their vision, get people to dig deep, connect people with other top experts from the health arena, relationship coaches, spiritual teachers, millionaire minds, marketing experts, social media, lead generations to human development coaches and mentors.

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