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Icenhower Fifth Grader Publishes E-Book on Anti-Bullying

Dec 17, 2014 11:56AM ● By Kevin

JeAuna Evans, Della Icenhower Fifth Grader. Photo courtesy of Mansfield ISD.

When Mansfield ISD student JeAuna Evans entered the district as a third grader from Florida, things weren't so easy. As with many new students, JeAuna was bullied, but she didn't let the situation discourage her in her new surroundings.

Employing the strategies implemented by counselor David Dye, JeAuna overcame her situation through "Talk, Walk and Tell." Now a fifth grader at Della Icenhower Intermediate School - Arlington, TX, JeAuna has published an e-book, with Dye's help, to help others learn from her experience. It's called "Lilly's New School" and it's available on Amazon for the Kindle for $4.95.

"A girl named Lilly moved into a town and goes to a new school and when she goes there there’s a girl there that really doesn’t like her," JeAuna said. "They start getting along with each other and they actually think about what they’ve done."

Although Dye's strategies are not used word for word in the book, the story was inspired by Dye's teachings:

Talk - talk to the person bothering you, call them by name, tell them what they're doing that's bothering you, and ask for a solution.

Walk - talk works most any time, but if the bully persists, walk away and ignore him or her, look for a safe place to continue what you were doing, and keep your cool.

Tell - if all else fails, tell an adult: talk slowly and clearly, explain what happened, list only those involved, and listen to the adult's advice.

"JeAuna’s been a very good citizen and was always very helpful," Dye said. 

Over spring break, JeAuna wrote "Lilly’s New School," and brought it in to show a teacher, who eventually showed it to Dye. 

"I read it and enjoyed it," said Dye, who recently published a book of his own. "It was very true to life. I liked the twists in it." 

From there, he asked JeAuna if he could help her get the book published as an e-book. His son, Jon, helped with the illustrations, and a group at the school gave JeAuna suggestions for the final product.

"I appreciate JeAuna and her willingness to work hard and her insight and sharing the things she had to deal with and how she dealt with that," Dye said.

In addition to the help from school staff, JeAuna said her grandparents encouraged her to finish the book, and was thankful for her dad, who came to her in a dream and helped her achieve her goal.

JeAuna hopes her book inspires others to follow the "Talk, Walk and Tell" strategy to move past bullying. Outside of writing, she enjoys art and exercise. She's now shifted her focus to a new book, which she worked on over Thanksgiving break. It's called "Lilly's Thanksgiving."

"It’s about Lilly, she lives in a homeless town, and she has to figure out a way to help everybody have a good Thanksgiving," she said.

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