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Gallery: Fall 2014 Grants Total $28k for MISD Elementary Schools

Dec 24, 2014 01:29PM ● Published by Kevin

Gallery: MISD Elementary Schools Receive Fall 2014 Grants [17 Images] Click any image to expand.

The Mansfield ISD Education Foundation completed its 32nd round of grants on Thursday, Dec. 4, according to a recent report by the district. The grants were revealed by surprising unsuspecting teachers and staff. Fifty-six grants (including mini grants awarded in October) were funded this semester totaling $98,667.07.

Today, we highlight the grants awarded to elementary schools within the district, which totaled $28,011.74. See above for a gallery of some of the grants being awarded, and see the full list below. (Information and photos courtesy of Mansfield ISD)

J.L. Boren Elementary - Mansfield, Texas

Katie Carney - Dynamic Drumming - $1,942.83

Willie Brown Elementary - Mansfield, Texas

Kristin Johnson, Kim Bonine, Lisa Eubanks, Sharon Dressel - Passport to the World - $883

Sharon Dressel, Scott Schmidt - Dynamic Duo Saves the Day - $4,763.13

Louise Cabaniss Elementary - Arlington, TX

Heather Jones, Kristen Chapman, Thanh Nguyen, Lisa Nuckolls, Teneice Tanner - Little People Making Connections to Everyday Life (Vernon Newsom Memorial Grant) - $2,103.05

Glenn Harmon Elementary - Arlington, TX

Anne-Marie St. John, Analicia Gutierrez - Exercise to Improve Achievement - $319.84

D.P. Morris Elementary - Arlington, TX

Anthony Avery, Jeff Lasseter, Melissa Williams, Kelly Binz - Osmo - $1,980

Annette Perry Elementary - Mansfield, Texas

Erin Johnston - Exploring Energies - $666.88

Celeste Kizer, Monica Manzano - Texas 2x2 Get Ready to Read (Noon Rotary Club Grant) - $1,153.76

Martha Reid Elementary - Arlington, TX

Robin Adolph - Exploring a Whole New World! (Hucabee Grant) - $4,963.20

Elizabeth Smith Elementary - Mansfield, Texas

Danny Beal, Kathy Cain - Lean Green Screen Machine! (Top of Texas Photography Grant) - $2,298.05

Kathy Cain - iPE... the next generation (Meredith Hatch Memorial Grant) - $7,208

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