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Jan/Feb 2015 Issue - Ringing in the New Year!

Jan 21, 2015 11:18AM ● By Kevin
We're smack dab in the middle of the winter season. It's a time for resolutions and new beginnings. Mansfield Magazine hits homes with more promises of great local coverage and things to do in your beloved city. We start by spotlighting Mansfield tourism manager Theresa Cohagen. She's done a lot for Mansfield, including her most recent attempt to bring The Daytripper to town.

Next, Carol Ritchie joined us for another installment of Cookin' With Carol - this time preparing some easy dishes you can throw together quickly: pastas, rice, soups and stews! Not only do they save you time, but they make the house smell wonderful. We also prepared an online exclusive, which gives some great ideas for these types of dishes if you're adventurous enough.

Still don't have enough time to get everything done? Look no further, as Laurie Fox visited with many local specialists: time-saving tips included! Once you've employed these services in your daily schedule, make sure you check out our events calendar to use that newfound time. Spend it with your family and friends.

Our Local Flavor piece this edition features Big D Barbecue, which has been around for just under two years. In addition, we show you what local Yelpers have to say and encourage you to leave a review of the hot spot in our directory. We highlight nearby restaurants too.

The Your Neighbor feature in this edition highlights a local author and illustrator duo, who showcase their latest masterpiece. We even posted a web-exclusive extension of the interview for you to enjoy.

Browse around for articles and information on everything you need to know about the local community and let us know what you’d like to see more of! 

The Welcoming Committee Theresa Cohagen specializes in bringing people and dollars to Mansfield - Jan 20 2015 1237PM

The Welcoming Committee: Theresa Cohagen specializes in bringing people and dollars to Mansfield

Theresa Cohagen has been the tourism manager for the Mansfield Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) since 2011. Whether it’s leisure or business travel, Cohagen knows how to market this town. Read More » 

One-Dish Wonders These meals are great for fantastic flavors and ease of preparation - Jan 21 2015 1102AM

One-Dish Wonders: These meals are great for fantastic flavors and ease of preparation

From pasta primavera to fried rice, or broccoli cheese soup to beef and vegetable stew, these one-dish wonders are usually quick to prepare and often require little attention during cooki... Read More » 

Buying Time Rely on services that can help you maximize your time - Jan 21 2015 0941AM

Buying Time: Rely on services that can help you maximize your time

Technology has provided some shortcuts like online gift-giving and smart phone apps that refill our medications. And companies can come to our homes to mow our lawns or wash our cars. But... Read More » 


Smoke Signal Big D Barbecue pours it on thick - Jan 21 2015 1004AM

Smoke Signal: Big D Barbecue pours it on thick

Open for just less than two years now, the joint has been growing quite a reputation for fresh, tender meats and a unique “organic sauce.” We stopped by late last fall to visit with owner... Read More » 


Extended Feature Local author and illustrator team up for new childrens book series - Jan 20 2015 1220PM

Extended Feature: Local author and illustrator team up for new children’s book series

We caught up with Danielle Vann, a former news journalist and public relations manager, and Amy Zelder, a local artist, teacher, illustrator and mom of 6. They were excited about their la... Read More » 

 Web Extras

Mansfields Wurstfest Photo courtesy of Theresa Cohagen

Mansfield in Top 5 in Voting for Season Finale Visit by The Daytripper With Chet Garner

Find out how you can help get our city recognized by Texas' own exploration show. Read More » 


From My Personal Stash Pasta Rice and Chili Oh My - Jan 21 2015 1056AM

From My Personal Stash: Pasta, Rice and Chili, Oh My!

Here are some complimentary recipes to go with the January-February Edition of Mansfield Magazine's Cookin' With Carol. Read More » 


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