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Extend the Lifespan of Your Valentine's Day Roses, Courtesy of the Dallas Arboretum

Feb 03, 2015 01:17PM ● By Kevin

Photo courtesy of Dallas Arboretum

You've received a wonderful bouquet of roses for Valentine's Day in celebration of love, life, and happiness. The rose is an ancient symbol of love and beauty. The worst thing that could happen is a premature exit by your wonderful 2015 roses this Valentine's Day!

Dave Forehand, the Dallas Arboretum's vice president of gardens, shares his advice on preserving beautiful roses.

Follow these quick and easy tips in order to increase the life-span of your roses:

  • When purchasing cut roses make sure the roses are stored in a cooler and the stems are immersed in water.
  • Cut the ends of the stems at 45 degree angle after you've received them. This cut will help the roses receive water and last longer.
  • Cut off any leaves so that they aren't immersed in water.
  • Add the floral pack to preserve the flowers.
  • Keep the roses away from heaters.
  • Keep them out of the sun. Even though roses grow in full sun, cut roses aren't fond of the sun. 
  • Change water every 2-3 days or when water begins to look cloudy.
  • If you can put flowers in the refrigerator at night, they will last longer.
For more gardening tips and behind-the-scenes information, check out the arboretum's blog.

In the Garden with Dave Forehand: Keeping Roses Fresh

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