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Mansfield Says: We Want HEB, Central Market, Bath & Body Works, and More in 2015

Feb 11, 2015 05:07PM ● By Kevin
The New Year is in full swing and we've already posted our Jan/Feb 2015 Issue. We've also seen a local elementary school principal retire and came close in voting but did not win the contest to appear on The Daytripper's Season 6 Finale.

At the beginning of the year, we asked our readers: 

What would you like to see in Mansfield in 2015? (could be a new business you've been wanting, an event that would bring the community together... you tell us!)

The response was overwhelming with more than 130 comments. So, without further ado, we've organized a list of the requests by Mansfield-area readers, as well as some conversation-starting comments, and concepts.

Be sure to share with your friends and tell us what your answer to the question would be. You can also respond to any of the below thoughts/requests in our comments!

Business Requests

Grocery Stores

HEB - suggested by: Kathryn F., Rhonda D., Joy N., Tracy Y., Rachel B., Linn C., Andrea A., Lori A., Olivia D., Meggan F., Connie C., Care H., Susan S., Tammie A., Cindy F., Ida D., Carrington S., Kendra M., Pam M., Jared S., Betsey K.

Central Market - suggested by: Sandra G., Judi J., Mary P., Joy N., Anne F., Tracy Y., Julie S., Linda M., Julie B., Paige A., Beverly E., Gwen P., Kendra M., Lynda L., Brianna N., Tracy B.

Whole Foods - suggested by: Sandra G., Mi’Shelle Z., Sharon B., Linda M., Paige A., Beverly E., Nicole O., Jesi S., Betsey K.

Trader Joe’s - suggested by: Lori A., Judi J., Anne F., Sharon B., Joyce D., Nicole O., Linda S., Jesi S., Betsey K., Dina H., Susan Z., Lynda L., Brianna N.

Costco - suggested by: Sandra G.

Publix Supermarket  - suggested by: Dave M.

WinCo  - suggested by: Kelly C.

Fresh Market  - suggested by: Beverly E. 


Panera Bread - suggested by: Sandra G., Linn C., Tammy G., Heather H., Nicole O., Linda M., Kallie C.

Arby’s - suggested by: Tammy G., Ronda M., Laura H., Nancy P., Tracy B.

Jason’s Deli - suggested by: Tracy Y., Olivia D., Dee J., Janie G., Verna G.

Pei Wei -suggested by: Amy S., Jesi S., Pam M., Tracy B.

Torchy’s Tacos - suggested by: Stefanie C., Mary P., Sade S.

La Madeline - suggested by: Jeanine S., Mary B., Becky C.

Pappadeaux -suggested by: Courtney C., Joyce D., Susan Z.

Pollo Regio - suggested by: Sandra G., Jose E.

Cracker Barrel - suggested by: Mary B., Tracy B.

Joe’s Crab Shack - suggested by: Tracy Y., Joyce P.

Rodeo City Café - suggested by: Rodney S., Robert T.

Starbucks - suggested by: Sharon B., Susan S.

Pluckers - suggested by: Jose E., April B.

Fish City  - suggested by: Kathryn F.

McAlister’s - suggested by: Tiffany W.

Razoo’s Cajun Café - suggested by: Tracy Y.

Moe’s Southwestern Grill - suggested by: Dave M.

White Castle - suggested by: Brian W.

Original Pancake House - suggested by: Julie S.

Shipley’s Donuts - suggested by: Brady S.

Taco Cabana - suggested by: Olivia D.

Caraba’s - suggested by: Heather H.

Pappasitos - suggested by: Becky C.

Jake’s Burgers - suggested by: Nicole O.

Corner Bakery - suggested by: Linda M.

Mimi’s Café - suggested by: Susan Z.

Marie Callender’s - suggested by: Susan Z.

Menchie’s - suggested by: Lynda L.

Sweet Frog - suggested by: Lynda L.

Coolberry - suggested by: Lynda L.

Sprinkles - suggested by: Brianna N.

Salt Grass Steak House - suggested by: Tracy B.

Health and Beauty

Bath & Body Works - suggested by: Rhonda D., Joy N., Sharon B., Lori A., Care H., Verna G., Tammie A., Amy S., Kristen K., Tracy B.

Sports, Recreation and Hobbies

Academy - suggested by: Rhonda D., Jeanine S., Stefanie C., Tiffany W., Cindy F., Misty N., Jared S., Kallie C., Tracy B.

Hobby Lobby - suggested by: Rhonda D., Lori A., Stefanie C., Tiffany W., Jena P., Rachel B., Becky L., Ronda M., Verna G., Charlotte W.

Athleta - suggested by: Holly M.

Hibbett Sports - suggested by: Ben H.

Bass Pro - suggested by: Tracy B.

Seasonal, Faith, Books, Arts and Crafts

Joann’s - suggested by: Isa D., Jeanine S., Judi J., Mi’Shelle Z., Becky L., Gwen P.

Hallmark - suggested by: Melissa C.

Mardel’s - suggested by: Charlotte W.

Barnes & Noble - suggested by: Beth G. 


Old Navy - suggested by: Jeanine S., Melissa C., Becky L., Care H., Carrington S., Kristen K.

JC Penny - suggested by: Ronda M.

Bealls - suggested by: Joyce P.

Justice - suggested by: Tracy B.


- Dog Park (Daphna S., Laura S., Tracy P.)

- Skating Rink (Tiffany W., Tammie A., Tracy B.)

- Ice Rink (Tiffany W., Tracy P.)

- Public pool (Laura P., Annette A.)

- A way to turn west on Debbie Lane when leaving Target (Mary P., Sharon B.)

- Support the Mansfield Police (Kenneth Townsend)

- Salad Bar (Shaun P.)

- Art Festival (Mary P.)

- Bookstore (India G.)

- Outdoor Mall (Kathryn F.)

- Wrestling at the high schools (Tiffany W.)

- Bowling Alley (Tiffany W.)

- Road construction done to handle traffic before overgrowth happens! (Tracy L.)

- Sidewalks on both sides of Broad. (Erik and Nicole S.)

- Mountain Bike Trail (Ray N.)

- Better roads. Mansfield is the worst. (Brady S.)

- Skate Park (Tracy P.)

- Things to do with kids, or more restaurants with playgrounds (Cherry A.)

- More people to volunteer for your church, your kids school or non profit group. (Houston M.)

- More downtown restaurants/nightlife (Holly M.)

- Bike Rentals (Dee J.)

- A local night out like National Night Out (Tammy G.)

- Grocery on the west side of town (Melanie S.)

- More tennis courts and public parks (Karla E.)

- Boys & Girls Club (Amelia G.)

- Outdoor flea market (Amelia G.)

- Rodeo (Amelia G.)

- More farmers markets (Betsey K.)

- A nice, big animal shelter (Jules C.)

- Mini golf (Tracy B.)

Anything But...

- Urgent Care (Shaun P.)

- Car Wash (Shaun P.)

- Auto Parts (Shaun P.)

- New neighborhoods (Miriam H.)


"It seems that most people on this thread just want the same old stuff as every other town in DFW and across the U.S. I'd like to see a push and incentives given to more unique mom/pop restaurants. Think Bishop Arts or the M Streets in Dallas. I want creative and healthy options. Also some artsy shops/galleries, not strip malls. Bike lanes would be nice too. More natural areas, parks, trees! Eco-friendly!" - Amanda A.

"Downtown Mansfield needs to be build up. More quaint little shops like bishop arts district. And better restaurants" - Yolanda C.

"Events at the parks would help bring more people together. Forget more restaurants, we don't want to be called "Little Arlington." We can write our own story and make Mansfield truly community based and family-family! More parks, more family events/more fishing spots!" - Jake W.

"I don't want Mansfield to be an "Arlington want to be". I love the family/community events we have; I can never get enough of that. I love how old Mansfield is opening up. More walking/jogging trails" - Cindy M.

"NO! I don't mind the drive to Arlington for all those things! Its growing too fast as it is! I enjoy the small amount traffic I have by my home! I came from Arlington... stay small!" - Savannah M.

"Arlington is not that far for all that stuff. Do not crowd our hometown city with a bunch of chain stores and restaurants. Keep the hometown feel! Continue to spice up downtown. Add more festivals!" - Amy B.

"We moved from Arlington to get away from the traffic and the poor school system. I am concerned that Mansfield is turning into a city interested in filling up space just to provide a tax base. We need to think through our choices carefully in order to keep some of the charm of a small town community. If you want to have all the stores there are plenty of houses available in Arlington." - Rhonda H.

"I agree that Downtown needs to be the focal point & made to look awesome! We need to be better than Grapevine or Southlake!" - Mi’Shelle Z.

"How about some traffic control on SB 157 @ 287. Maybe a change in traffic light timing?? It's getting ridiculous!" - Linda M.

"We don't want to become a clone of every neighboring suburb and city. If you want chains you can drive to them in a short time. We moved here to avoid that. Mansfield is better served with the unique, let's go for more of that." - Rebecca S.

"And we have enough food places, sad that's what everyone is wanting. Mansfield needs something different, and something that will get kids and families doing something outdoors!" - Miriam H.

"How about a good bar/night club? Not like the one on 1187, somewhere with regular live music, and outdoor area for the summer. Featuring local (DFW) original music. Nothing chain, just a good local "pub feel" with a complex, to include a go kart track, bowling alley, driving range. Actual things to do and still have a beer, listen to some music. Mansfield doesn't have any of that. Something for adults, not all family oriented. Past that I don't want any more big chains built here, no more apartment complexes. Slow residential building, and increase manufacturing and other commercial businesses in the undeveloped parts of Mansfield. All that would bring in good additional tax revenue, without further burdening the homeowner. Spend that money on roads, police and fire, schools, and other city services. Use the left over to cut local and school property taxes. Start a city Christmas Light competition, will encourage more decorating. And do something to keep bicyclists from tying up traffic by riding in the roadways." - Michael J.

"I agree no more chain! I would love to see downtown have more mom & pop shops (think "Hallmark" type but not them), things to really want to walk and spend time downtown. A downtown festival again! We really missed it this year. I want to see us keep the hometown feel" - Deana G.

"A bike trail free from traffic and is pretty long, and see about renovating Jaliscoes Mexican Restaurant to make it bigger but don't change the menu it is perfect!" - Andrew W.

"I would like to have the road Debbie Lane by the bus barn actually fixed instead of patched up. The holes are horrible! A way to turn left on Debbie from Target would be wonderful also. It's so dangerous right now." - Nena J.

"I personally love the small diners. Like Callie's or Mary Lou's but I wish they could stay open past 2! I love that sprouts is coming!!! Would like to see a HUGE health food store tat would have a grocery section like Anna's!" - Pamela C.

"I would prefer to keep all the traffic in Arlington. To have 4 grocery chains at Debbie and Matlock is poor city planning." - Rhonda H.

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