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Mansfield ISD Closed Today, Residents Weigh In

Feb 23, 2015 10:10AM ● By Kevin
We asked residents to weigh in - did they think school would be in or out today? Shortly after, the district announced school closures. There is a winter storm warning in effect until 6 p.m. this evening. In light of the weather and closures, we thought we'd have a little fun and get your thoughts and opinions. Here's what you had to say...

"[In] a few years, kids will attend school via the Internet. So enjoy it while you can kiddos." - SonOf Ayala

"Dallas, FTW, Grand Prairie are all closed....Mansfield usually follows Arlington, we'll know in the morning. Lol" - Shauna H.

"It's supposed to get worse during the day [tomorrow]...a late start would be a silly idea." - Sandy T.

"We homeschool - so learning continues in ice storm. we do it in jammies by the fireplace" - Stephanie S.

"No school! Roads to get worse during the day." - Rae H.

"We homeschool, so we shall see maybe a day that we learn from many of the learning DVDs, Netflix or the Roku. maybe curl up with many books. I would go crazy, if I knew my kids had to go to public school with that mess on the roads." - Jennifer H.

"Please have school. I will go crazy." - Kristy G.

"I say no school. It might not be too bad in the morning, but sounds like it will get worse later in the day. Busses struggle in our neighborhood on clear roads." - Kim R.

The final tally of "no school" to "yes, please!" votes were 9 to 5. Your wish came true, Mansfield!

Join the conversation: what do you think about school cancellations today? How are you spending the snow day?

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