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Web Extra: Remember When in Mansfield? Memories Shared and Volunteer Opportunities Explored for Mansfield 125

Mar 17, 2015 10:46AM ● By Kevin

Photo courtesy of Michael Myers Photography.

In light of our community profile on Mansfield 125, we wanted to equip you with loads of information so you can experience the best our city has to offer this year.


125 For Mansfield 125 is a community service initiative celebrating the city's 125th birthday and honoring the dedication and hard work of those who built the Mansfield community. Residents commit to 125 hours of volunteer service during the year-long observance. Community, social service and civic organizations are participating in the program and providing opportunities for individuals to volunteer and help make a difference in Mansfield. Participants will log their volunteer hours and be recognized for their contribution at the end of the year. Here's a list of organizations offering these opportunities. 


Contact Name

Contact Email

Contact Phone

Wesley Mission Center

Teresa Sherwood



Keep Mansfield Beautiful Commission

Arianne Shipley



Special Olympics

Elissa Schneiderman



Boys and Girls Clubs of Arlington

James Hitchcock


817-275-6551 x226

All-Star Equestrian Foundation

Stacy Giddens



Habitat for Humanity

Christina Lindsey


817-926-9219 x107

Bethlehem Baptist Church

Tamiko Jones



Farr Best Theater

Steve Cosio



Common Ground Network

Brian McFadden



Methodist Mansfield Medical Center

Angel Biasatti



Jobs for Life

Amber Gosser



Discover Historic Mansfield, Inc.

Steve Cosio



Mansfield Public Library

Dorothy McGuinness




We asked community leaders and residents alike a few questions about Mansfield over the years. Here's what you had to say:

Belinda Willis

Director Communications & Marketing
City of Mansfield
Mansfield 125 committee member

What are your own favorite memories of growing up/living in Mansfield? Most of my early memories of Mansfield are from friends I had that lived here and went to school here. I worked at Six Flags Over Texas when I was in high school and some of my friends there were from Mansfield.

Is there a Mansfield historical moment that is most interesting to you? I am particularly interested in the city's very early moments, before it was really a city. I am a descendant of the Cherokee tribe so the Native American connection to Mansfield fascinates me. I also think its interesting the story about Ralph Man and Julian Feild and how they came here, where there wasn't really any commerce yet, and built a business and then began building a town.

Susan Luttrell

Serving and Outreach Director
First United Methodist Church
Mansfield 125 committee member

What are your own favorite memories of growing up/living in Mansfield? Playing in the creek along the rocks that are now a part of the Nature Park. I also enjoyed hanging out at the Dairy Queen and going to all of the high school activities. Everyone in town would be at a football, basketball or baseball game - old and young.

Is there a Mansfield historical moment that is most interesting to you? It is actually knowing the change that has happened over a period of time. I realize that some of Mansfield's residents are not always comfortable talking or looking back at the issues we have had in the ways of race relations. But it’s when we look back and embrace who we really were as a community that we not only see how far we have come but we also help to ensure that we don't end up back there again. There were some amazing people that sacrificed a lot for us to be who we are today. 

Vern Raven

Mansfield Historical Museum and Heritage Center
Mansfield 125 committee member

Where do you see Mansfield in 10/20 years? I would like to see Mansfield continue to hold onto the old small town atmosphere and hope it will still retain its attraction to people. I think we will continue to make progress in recreating the old downtown atmosphere by making it into a more pedestrian-friendly block with a change in traffic patterns and more of a sidewalk-friendly shopping area. 

Social Media Responses

Remember in Mansfield, TX when... Facebook group

"My parents had a lil store call M&Ws. Would love to hear from my old friends. Michael & Ashley no last name. Parents names Quincy & Tracy." - Willie TheWinner Nance

"I love living in Mansfield! Lived here since 1993, Come on people and tell us what you remember about Mansfield! I loved going to Kowbell back in the late 70's and early 80's. I've heard stories about the huge private owned pool that was open to the public and tons of other things. I grew up in Arlington and would love to know more history about Mansfield." - Joe Poettgen

Mansfield Magazine Facebook page musings - how long have you lived here, what's your favorite memory?

"The oldest organization in Mansfield is the Mansfield Masonic Lodge. Julian Field was the first president of the masonic lodge. lots of history. The building in downtown still has the square and compass. It was chartered in June of 1871." - Bryan Miller

"MYB at the rock gym!!!" - Lauren Lindsey Bishop

"12 years. Love the small town suburbia feel. The schools are wonderful. And how our city council works so hard at keeping our town one of the most sought after places to live." - Sharon Lee Walker

"35 years!" - Tracy Young

"I've lived in Mansfield 2.5 years. I love Perry Elementary! Such a great place for my kids to learn. A fabulous library, too!" - Jules Cox

"16 it." - Mary Ring Barker

"I remember there being a hot air balloon festival there in the early 2000's. I worked at Curves for Women and we had a booth under the tent. It was a lot of fun!" - Kendra Myers

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