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Mansfield ISD Ranks Low on NerdWallet's 'Best School Districts for Your Buck' in DFW List

Apr 07, 2015 12:20PM ● By Kevin
Karman Rosen of NerdWallet put out a report yesterday on the Best School Districts for Your Buck in Dallas-Fort Worth, ranking Mansfield ISD as No. 82 on a list of 105 districts.

"Last year, school districts in Dallas-Fort Worth averaged a graduation rate of 93%, with 60% of students testing as “college ready” — compared with the state average of 51%, according to the Texas Education Agency. Of the 25 national blue ribbons awarded for educational excellence in Texas, seven were to schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Last year, 21.3% of residents in the metro area held bachelor’s degrees, ranking second only to Austin," the article says.

Further, the story explains how the score for each district was calculated.

  1. "Housing cost for each school district was 30% of the total score. Housing cost was calculated by averaging the district index score for median home value and selected monthly homeowner costs (which includes property tax) for the school district. The more affordable the area, the higher the cost score. Data came from American Community Survey, a division of the U.S. Census Bureau.
  2. "Standardized testing scores were 30% of the total score. District scores from 2012-13 were calculated by equally weighting SAT averages with the percent of students who scored “advanced” on the STAAR tests. All subjects were averaged for students in grades 3 to 11. Data was provided by the Texas Education Agency.
  3. "College readiness for the class of 2013 was 30% of the total score. College readiness was a combination of a school district’s high school graduation rate, which is the percentage of students who graduate in the standard four years, and the percentage of students who were considered “college-ready” in both math and English language arts, according to the Texas Education Agency.
  4. "Student-to-teacher ratio was the final 10% of the score. Data was provided by Texas Education agency."
Mansfield's 2013 median home value was $163,400, the STARR advanced scores were 15%, SAT average (out of 2400) was 1440, graduation rate was 91.3%, college-ready students came in at 63%, class size was 22.63, the "Bang for your buck score" was 53.89.

The No. 1 district on the list was Allen Independent School District, with a "Bang for your buck score" of 71.75.

Arlington ISD ranked No. 92 on the list. Kennedale ISD ranked No. 56. Grand Prairie ISD ranked No. 87.

We want to know what you think about this ranking. Too high? Too low? What contributes to this number? Tell us in the comments below.

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