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Mansfield Resident Complains of Drone Activity

Apr 24, 2015 12:59PM ● By Kevin
According to a report by NBC5 - DFW, Mansfield resident JR Page spotted a drone hovering outside the first floor window of his home on Ember Lane near Walnut Creek last month. After following it down the street to a nearby development, Page was unable to figure out to whom the drone belonged. He called the police.

"The Mansfield Police department confirmed they received a call from Page late last month, and the officer did indeed check with the Federal Aviation Administration. According to police, they were told there was no criminality as far as flight safety is concerned," NBC5 reported.

Police "said it would be considered a crime if the drone took inappropriate pictures and those ended up in possession of someone or on the Internet."

At this point, no further action has been taken.

For the full story, click here, or watch NBC5's report below.

NBC5 DFW - Mysterious Drone Causing Headaches in Mansfield

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