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Strawberry Margaritas: So What if Cinco de Mayo has Passed?

May 08, 2015 12:53PM ● By Kevin
In our upcoming May/June edition, our very own Carol Ritchie provides another delicious meal recipe; this time of the Mexican variety. As a preview, we asked Carol to whip up a delicious summer beverage to tide you over. So without further adieu, introducing ...

Strawberry Margaritas

Serves 4

1 (10-ounce) package frozen strawberries (sweetened)
3/4 cup strawberry nectar
2 cups crushed ice
6 ounces tequila
2 ounces Triple Sec
1 lime, halved
1/4 cup sugar, lightly sprinkled evenly on a plate

Allow strawberries to thaw for about 15 minutes. Combine in a blender, strawberries, nectar, ice, tequila, Triple Sec, and juice from half of a lime. Blend to the desired consistency, about 1 minute. Cut the remaining lime half into 4 slices (plus the end piece). Use the end scrap of lime to rub around the rim of each of four chilled margarita glasses. Dip the "limed" rim of each glass in the plate of sugar, rotating slightly to coat the rim with sugar. Fill glasses evenly with strawberry margaritas. Cut a slit into each slice of lime, from the center to the edge. Garnish the edge of each glass with a slice of lime to serve.

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