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Texas Tech Lands Mansfield Lake Ridge QB

May 13, 2015 03:41PM ● By Todd Kaufmann

Former Lake Ridge QB Jett Duffey, who committed to Texas Tech in May 2015. Photo courtesy of's Facebook page.

When you're a high school quarterback, you dream of being able to play at the next level especially the level of Division-I football. You know you have what it takes to play there and when you finally get that school who believes it too, it makes it hard not to jump at the offer and end your recruitment right then and there.

On Wednesday morning, Mansfield Lake Ridge quarterback Jett Duffey got that offer and it came from the Red Raiders of Texas Tech. That was all it took for Duffey to jump at the opportunity and commit to Coach Kingsbury that he was going to play his college ball in Lubbock, Texas.

Scouting Report:

Position: QB (Dual Threat)

Height: 6'0" 
Weight: 185

Rivals Rating: Two-Star

As much as I like the pocket passing quarterback, watching Duffey on film makes me like this young man a whole lot because he can do a lot of both. While there are moments he tends to get 'happy feet' in the pocket especially if there's a lot of pressure up the middle, Duffey has the ability to still keep his eyes downfield and wait for a receiver to get open.

He has a strong arm and can deliver a deep ball with ease but does have the tendency to throw off his back foot and you'll see that a few times in his film where a receiver will have to slow up and wait for the ball to come to him.

But there are other throws that Duffey makes where he'll hit the receiver in stride both on the deep ball and on the short passes. He has a very strong arm and has great touch on the ball.

His speed side definitely comes out when he takes off with the football whether it's a run play or not. His active feet give him the ability to go either direction to avoid tacklers. From the snap, there's no way to tell which way Duffey is going to go with the football. He has the ability to use the play action, run first, or stand in the pocket and find his receivers. That makes him hard to plan for and tough for a defender to stay honest especially knowing he has the speed to get away from him.

There are a lot of smarts from him as well. A lot of quarterbacks only give it so much time before taking their eyes off the receiver especially if they've already committed themselves to the run. But once Duffey gets to the outside, his eyes are still looking upfield just in case he sees an open receiver and can make the throw on the run.

Texas Tech will get a very talented quarterback and Duffey definitely adds to the depth the Red Raiders already have going into the future. 

Keep an eye on this young man. If he can gain some muscle and work on not throwing off his back foot, especially on the deep balls, getting more of a zip than loft on the ball he should be a dangerous quarterback to deal with in the Big 12 conference.

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