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Mansfield Cares Provides Scholarships

May 19, 2015 03:45PM ● By Christy Silvas

Because of You…..

In a few short weeks, over 2,000 MISD students will be walking across the stage receiving their high school diplomas.  A fun, exciting time for families as they get together to celebrate current accomplishments and look towards the future.  For some of these students, their dreams have become a reality through Mansfield Cares.
 Annually, Mansfield Cares is the largest contributor to the Mansfield ISD Multi-Scholarship Program.  The Mansfield Independent School District Multi-Scholarship Program was originated in 1979 by Trinity Forge, Inc. and Mansfield State Bank. With the assistance of the high school counseling staff at Mansfield High School, two graduating seniors were awarded funds to pursue a college education. The basis of the program has remained the same. The main objective has been to award as many scholarships as possible from the local community groups to qualifying graduating senior students.
The process now includes all seniors and the counseling staffs at all of the MISD High Schools submitting scholarship applications.  It has expanded from two scholarships to over 100 scholarships awarded each year to graduating seniors in the Mansfield ISD. In 2014, $105,400 was awarded to 129 students.  The original committee formulated only a few guidelines for the selection procedure, thus allowing the final selection and specific criteria of each donating member/group to remain a vital part of the overall award process.
Mansfield Cares specifically looks for students who have financial hardships that might otherwise prevent them from continuing their education beyond high school.  In the past, we awarded a scholarship to a young woman who was the sole financial support for her family.  She attended school by day, worked weekends and nights to meet the family’s needs due to her mother becoming physically disabled.  A young woman who might otherwise have fallen through the cracks – not able to participate in extracurricular activities, getting by in school, but not having the time to study that might have pushed her to the top of her class, she might have been overlooked by most institutional scholarship programs.  Mansfield Cares, and because of you, she will be walking across another stage.

Congratulations to all the Mansfield Cares Scholarship recipients now, in the past and thanks to your generous donations, in the future!

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