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Lucky baby born at Methodist Mansfield National during Palindrome Week

May 25, 2015 10:43AM ● By Kevin

They say it is all in the numbers and Jaxon Yzaguirre is one lucky baby born on 5-15-15 at 15:15 p.m. during Palindrome Week. Jaxon Yzaguirre, son of Aaron and Analbertha Yzaguirre of Red Oak. His older sister Jasmine, 11, and brother, Jacob, 6, are excited to meet Jaxon for the first time

The first Palindrome baby at Methodist Mansfield Medical Center, Jaxon Yzaguirre arrived on 5-15-15 at 15:15 p.m., weighing in at 9 pounds, 12 ounces, and measuring 21 inches. He was delivered by physician Melinda Velez, DO. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Yzaguirre of Red Oak, born at Methodist Mansfield.
The new parents received a new book, to help Jaxon get a head start on reading as part of the Read to Me program. All babies born at Methodist Mansfield receive a new baby book provided by the Methodist Mansfield, Mansfield Sunrise Rotary and Mansfield Independent School District to help them get a head start on reading.

Every date of the aforementioned week is symmetrical and reads the same backward as forward.

The date was a palindrome for nine straight days during May 2015. Palindromes are words, phrases and number sequences that have the same spelling backward. Words such as "kayak" and phrases like "Was it a car or a cat I saw?" are all palindromes.

These are all the dates that were palindromes in May:
  • 5/10/15
  • 5/11/15
  • 5/12/15
  • 5/13/15
  • 5/14/15
  • 5/15/15
  • 5/16/15
  • 5/17/15
  • 5/18/15

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