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'Beyond The Veil' Comes to Mansfield June 20

Jun 10, 2015 01:10PM ● By Kevin
Come and see the inspiring dance production "Beyond The Veil" presented by Dance Academy Of Mansfield on June 20 at 7 p.m. The show takes place at Mansfield ISD Center for the Performing Arts.

"Beyond The Veil" is a story about a majestic kingdom taken over by an evil duchess, and the promised child, Victoria, who must take on the challenge to save her beloved people.

As the story begins, the Palace Court is bubbling over with excitement and anticipation as 
they announce the arrival of God’s Prophetic Council, Deborah, Esther, Eliana, Miriam and Shira. The Council arrives bearing gifts of Beauty, Song, Dance, Faith, Hope and Love to impart to Princess Victoria. They foretell the day when Victoria will rule over the land with Godly Wisdom, Love and Authority through Christ. Suddenly the sky darkens as an uninvited guest, Machia the evil Duchess, crashes the celebration!

"I get most of my ideas through prayer and spending time with God through reading the bible and listening to inspiring Christian music," said Christie Garrett, owner and artistic director. "This year's show also has some inspiration from the Ballet Sleeping Beauty. We take the story into another direction with the main character Victoria being the one to save the castle from an evil Duchess versus having a prince come to save the day.

"The show is about the love of God, the love of family and the responsibility toward community. Also, the idea that when we are given a gift it is our responsibility to share that with others and that it is not just for ourselves. The free gift of salivation through Jesus is what makes this all possible for Victoria. Victoria's relationship with God and the love that he pours upon her is what gives her the strength to conquer evil." 

The performance consists of two acts, each with two scenes. There is a 10-minute intermission between acts. Various groups will perform each scene, as listed below:

Act I, Scene 1: The Blessing

  • The Celebration Begins - Tues. 6:00 pm Jr. Apprentice Ballet
  • The Palace Court Present Princess Victoria - Jr. Elite Ballet
  • Arrival of the Prophetic Council and Announcement of the Blessing - Elite Ballet
  • Baby Cherubs Present the Gifts - Tues. 5:00 pm (Ages 5-6) Pre-Ballet
  • The Gift of Song and Dance - Apprentice I Ballet Wed 6:00 pm
  • The Gift of Faith, Hope & Love - Mon. 6:00 pm (Ages 5-6) Pre-Ballet
  • The Gift of beauty and the Prophetic Council - Apprentice I Tue 7:00 pm, Ballet & Jazz 1 Tue 7:15 pm, and Elite Ballet
  • Evil Duchess along With Her Entourage Cast an Evil Curse Over The
  • Castle - Apprentice II Jazz and Baylee Wilson-Elite

Act I, Scene II-The Hideaway Growing Up

  • Prophetic Council arrive to the The Hideaway with Victoria - Elite Ballet and Tues. 4:15 pm (ages 3-4) Pre-Ballet
  • Three year old Victoria awakens. Morning Song - Wed. 5:15 pm (ages 3-4) Pre-ballet , Wed. 4:30 pm (Ages 4-5) Pre-Ballet
  • Deborah Teaches 5 year old Victoria Of Gods faithfulness. Constant one Wed. 5:30 (ages 5-6) Pre-ballet
  • You Lift me Up. Victoria at age 7 with Deborah - Jr. Apprentice Wed. 6:30 pm Tap
  • You make me brave. Victoria at age 9 - Apprentice I Wed 6:00 pm Jazz
  • Beyond The Veil. Victoria grows from 10 to 18 yrs. of age - Apprentice II Ballet
  • No fear in Love. Victoria at age 18-Claire Wood - Elite Contemporary
  • The Holy Spirit Anoints Victoria with Gods Love and Power - Claire
  • Wood and Mary Claire Van Arsdale Elite Lyrical
  • Warrior Angels Announce The Shaking - Hip Hop Wed. 7:35 pm and Claire Wood

Act II, Scene-1 Journey Into The Woods

  • Victoria Travels Into The woods - Jr. Apprentice Wed. 6:30 pm
  • Victoria Enjoys The Woodland Butterflies - Mon. 5:00 pm (ages 4-5) Pre-Ballet
  • Victoria Tiptoes thru Tulips - Mon. 6:00 pm- (Ages 5-6) Tap
  • Victoria Admires the Blue Birds - Jr. Apprentice Tue 6:00 pm Tap
  • The Evil Duchess Releases Fury Into The Woods - Elite Jazz
  • Who let the Frogs out - Tues. 5:00 pm (Ages 5-6 ) Tap
  • The Crows - Wed. 5:30 pm (Ages 5-6) Tap
  • Wicked Woodland Creatures - Jr. Elite Tap
  • Ministering Angels and the Holy Spirit Encourage Victoria - Elite Contemporary
  • Fire Never Sleeps - Apprentice I Tue. 7:00 pm Jazz, Apprentice II Tap
  • Victoria Puts On Christ and Prepares For The Battle - Claire Wood and Baylee Wilson-Lyrical Jazz

Act II, Scene II –The Final Battle

  • The Evil Duchess Orchestrates Her Control Over the Palace (Shatter Me)–Jr. Elite and Elite Contemporary and Modern Jazz
  • Victoria Battles The Evil Duchess and her Entourage - Apprentice II, Claire Wood, Baylee Wilson, and Amy Brothers
  • Victoria wins the battle and sets the Palace Free - Performing Dance Company – Contemporary Jazz
The entire process of creating the show took about 11 months.The writing and the creative part from costumes and music selections to sets and story line, as well as the direction of the choreography takes the first half of the year. Teachers and students begin working on the production in January.

Students work on technique through out the year and are always excited to put into action everything they are learning.  


"We have been performing storylines since 2009 and our students have grown up with the idea of using their dancing to convey a message," Garrett said. "They love to be inspired and use their dancing to tell a story. They also love being able to express themselves by bringing their faith and their love of dancing together."

Admission is free. For more information, visit the academy's 
website. Summer camp registration is still available for all ages and levels. Space is limited. Call 817-453-4868 for more information.

"Each show we do is unique and has its own special look and feel to it," Garrett said. "I am a parent of three children and have found them to be unique in their own special way. They have special gifts and talents that are unique to their personalities and the way God created them. That is the way I feel about the shows each year. We are passionate about investing into the life of a child."

See below for some cool videos featuring the Dance Academy of Mansfield. Download a PDF of the program above the story.

Dance Academy of Mansfield

"Forgiven" Video Montage


Passionate About Investing in the life of a child

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