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Coroner Reveals Cause of April Inmate Death

Jun 24, 2015 08:01PM ● By Kevin
Methamphetamine intoxication has been ruled as the cause of accidental death of a 44-year-old East Texas man, who was incarcerated in April, according to the Associated Press.

Fort Worth police arrested Wendale Webb, of Emory, on April 5 on suspicion of marijuana possession. Webb, who was located inside his vehicle, was transported to the Mansfield City Jail, the article says.

On April 6, he was found unresponsive in his holding cell and later pronounced dead. The autopsy results were released June 17.

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Photo courtesy of city of Mansfield

Mansfield Police Investigating an Inmate Death

The Mansfield Police Department is currently investigating the death of a 45-year old white male. The deceased, a Fort Worth Police Department inmate was being held at the Mansfield Jail ... Read More » 


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