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20-Year Cancer Survivor and Mansfield Resident Finds Strength and Rehabilitation

Jun 26, 2015 09:38AM ● By Kevin

Louann Schulze (left) with trainer Bridget Porter (right) at EnVie Fitness. Photo courtesy of Marybeth St. Peters

When it comes to fitness, success doesn’t have to strictly mean weight loss. Personal success can also mean growing stronger, mentally and physically. Louann Schulze, a 20-year cancer survivor and Mansfield resident, didn’t let multiple injuries and surgeries stop her from being able to walk unassisted without a cane. 

When the 57-year old college counselor decided to join a gym, she wanted to find a place where she was comfortable and surrounded by like-minded individuals. Shortly after joining EnVie Fitness for Women, Louann fell and hurt her knee, which required her to undergo a painful surgery causing her to no longer be able to walk without the assistance of a cane.

Determined to not let this injury stop her from enjoying life, Louann returned to activity, training three times a week with personal trainer and EnVie manager, Bridget Porter. 

“Louann came to EnVie when most people would have stayed home, moped on the couch about their injury and doing nothing to try and change themselves for the better," Porter said. "She truly is my hero. She is such an inspiration to me and everyone at EnVie; she has this natural gift of making people feel like they are awesome."

After defeating cancer, Louann experienced advanced arthritis as a side effect from the radiation and chemotherapy. The arthritis makes her very stiff and as a result certain tasks are difficult and painful to complete. No stranger to injury, Louann has sustained multiple injuries throughout her lifetime, undergone numerous surgeries, and attended countless physical therapy sessions. Now she believes she's achieved the best results when it comes to recovering from an injury.

Louann’s Success

  • Louann’s fitness goal is simple: walk without the assistance of a cane.
  • Mentally, Louann is a strong, confident woman who is determined to improve her life. Louann joined a gym when most would sit at home, sulking as they wallowed about their injury. She had an obstacle and reason not workout yet she chose to better herself.
  • Physically, Louann’s foundation was well below average for a woman her age. She has gone from minimal core strength to being able to stand unassisted without her cane and her balance has improved greatly. She is weeks away from being able to walk without her cane.
  • Louann’s workouts are focused on balance exercises, medicine ball workouts, squats using a bench or a stability ball, assisted pull-ups, pull-downs, push-ups, and planks. Her workouts include total body exercises, cardio, and stretches.
  • Fellow gym members are motivated by her and she in turn is motivated by them. 

Although Louann has not lost weight, her accomplishments are inspirational and proof that everyone can accomplish their goals once they set their mind to it.

“When Louann reached out to me she didn’t know she was getting a person that already believes in her," Porter said. "She is a winner and I see her spirit in every push-up and every crunch or squat. Louann is determined to reach new goals and be surprised by the new obstacles her body overcomes in each session. We make a great team! And have become best of friends on this journey.”

About EnVie Fitness for Women

EnVie is an Australian based fitness concept that made its way into the United States in 2014. The first location in the US opened in Mansfield, Texas in 2014. The unit celebrated its one year anniversary earlier in June. EnVie has a location in Chandler, AZ and plans to open a San Diego location within the year. 

Information provided by Marybeth St. Peters.

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