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Local Track Club Helps Runners Improve Through Innovative Technology

Jun 26, 2015 12:42PM ● By Kevin

Howard and Shyra Smith, founders of the youth sports program Triumph Track, didn’t realize the impact the investment of electronic timing equipment would have on their young participant’s morale and performance each Summer.  Before beginning Triumph Track Club and investing in the electronic timing equipment, local track club runners’ recorded times were left to the mercy of a hand held stopwatch and the coach’s reaction time when recorded at all.  

“In track, shaving off a tenth of a second makes a big difference”, says Howard Smith.  

The equipment is a device that electronically clocks runners as they pass by markers set on the track.  The investment has paid off.  The participants are seeing an increase in their personal performance on and off the track, mostly due to the program’s integration of core values and focus on personal development. 

“We’ve created an organization that positively encourages the kids to realize that their efforts directly influence their results.  Not only in sports but in all aspects of life”, says Shyra Smith.  

Last summer the program had 22 participants, youths between the ages of 6-14.  Many of those participants had never participated in track before. “When our family joined the Triumph Track Club last summer, it was not to become track superstars but so that the girls could increase their speed to become better soccer players. And that did happen, my 7 year old increased by 9% and my 9 year old increased by 12%. Triumph made my girls first track experience an enjoyable one,” says parent, Leticia Brelove. 

The participant’s statistics and progress are tracked throughout the season.  Last year’s top performers saw a staggering increase in their performance times.  Brooklyn Van Zandt, a first time track participant, saw a 31% decrease in her 800m time; Erica Brelove saw a 25% decrease in her 400m dash time; and Jaren Smith saw a 12% decrease in his 100m dash time.  Brooklyn went on to compete at the State level competition.  She has returned this year along with the majority of last year’s participants and she’s brought along a few friends.   

Last summer was Triumph Track Club’s third appearance on the circuit.  Their presence has created a buzz in the youth track community.  This year, Triumph Track Club’s participation nearly doubled in size.  Even with the delays this season due to the weather, the kids, parents and organizers are looking forward to what this season will bring.  

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About Triumph Track & Triumph Youth Sports

Triumph Track is a branch of the Triumph Youth Sports organization founded by Howard & Shyra Smith of Mansfield, Texas.  The sports organization serves young athletes who participate in baseball, soccer, and track.  The organization’s goal is to assist each athlete in his or her development physically, emotionally and socially. Triumph’s aim is to build confident leaders on and off the field. 

Triumph Track - Mansfield TX

Triumph Track - Mansfield, TX

Triumph Track Club is affiliated with TAAF (Texas Amateur Athletics Federation) and was formed to establish an organization for youth to learn the basic fundamentals of track and field wh... Read More » 


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