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Social Media, Recruiting, Go Hand in Hand

Jun 29, 2015 09:43PM ● By Todd Kaufmann

Texas high school football is back

There are a lot of people who say social media is the downfall of the current generation.

They may not be too far off.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant, whether it’s a sit down or fast food, and see a family sitting at the table with most of them looking down at their phones? Do you ever wonder if they ever have conversations like we used to do growing up?

I’m not here to hate on this generation, far from it. What I do want to talk about is social media where recruiting is concerned because it has been the downfall of so many high school, college, and pro athletes alike. From the tweets that I’ve seen from high school athletes, it doesn’t surprise me that scholarships are lost because they don’t think about some of the things they’re posting and they don’t think college coaches are watching.

Think again.

If you don’t think it’s real, or you don’t think for a second it could happen to you if you aren’t careful about the things you post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others take a look at this tweet from Coach James Vint, who’s been an offensive coordinator at multiple levels of football, about offers being pulled because of what was sent out on social media.

“Talked to a college coach today who pulled four offers from guys who tweeted derogatory comments about women. Think before you tweet.”

How many student athletes have paid the ultimate price because they weren’t thinking about what they were tweeting or posting on Facebook before they hit the ‘Submit’ button? How many student athletes have missed out on their perfect offer because they didn’t think it mattered what they did on social media?

Bloomsburg University first baseman Joey Casselberry is a perfect example of just how much trouble and hot water social media can get you into.

Casselberry hit the ‘Submit’ button this tweet, “Disney is making a movie about Mo’ne Davis? WHAT A JOKE. That sl– got rocked by Nevada.” It was that tweet that got him thrown off the team and thrusted Davis’ name back into the spotlight after she had became a household name during the Little League World Series.

How many professional athletes, celebrities, and media people alike have gotten themselves into trouble because of what they posted on social media?

Someone like Coach Vint, along with many other coaches in different sports, have tried to make this issue a top priority with high school recruits but it seems that it is still falling on deaf ears. While coaches can talk to their players about the importance of how they carry themselves on social media, this topic should start and end at home. Coaches can spend plenty of time with them during the school day, but shouldn’t parents be held accountable to make sure this issue is nipped in the bud before it becomes an issue at all?

Know what you’re tweeting before you tweet it. Realize how it will look when you post something on Facebook that could be seen by college coaches and, later in life, employers who are looking into your background.

You never know what could continue to follow you around long after your athletic days are over.

Heed the warning. Know how to carry yourself. Or find out just how bad the consequences can be when it’s already too late.

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