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Mansfield garden calendar for AUGUST

Aug 07, 2015 12:05PM ● By Mary Phillips

Mid-Summer in Mansfield doesn't have to be a month to hide from our gardens.  Here is your August garden check list to be sure the great outdoors stays beautiful, despite the heat!


-Vegetables: There is still time to plant summer vegetables through mid-August.  After that, there won't be time for them to ripen before our first frosts hit.  Tomato plants, pepper plants, eggplant plants, and okra, black-eyed pea, cucumber, winter squash, and cantaloupe seeds can still go in.  Late August is also a good time to put in green beans and a second potato crop for the year.  Mulch well and keep your seedlings moist!

-Plan your fall vegetable garden beds. 

-Lawn and Landscape: This is a great month to find discounted plants at local garden centers! Plant heat and drought friendly perennials for garden-bed-boosts this year and beyond: Texas tarragon, ruellia, sedum/stonecrop, ornamental grasses, rock rose, hyssop, cone flower (pictured here). Looking for interesting, native or more unusual plants for your landscape? Try your local farmers market! 


-Prune any dead wood or dying growth from trees, shrubs and perennials.

-Prune rose bushes for an optimal fall show of blooms.

-Pinch/prune back crape myrtle seeds to encourage more blooms and divert the plant's energy to leaves, stems and roots.

-Dead-head (cut back spent blooms) from perennials that are finished blooming to encourage healthy leaf and root growth.

-STOP pinching back mums and Mexican mint marigold (Texas tarragon) now that they are fully shaped.  This allows them time to develop buds for a beautiful fall bloom display.

General Garden Care:

 -Be water wise! Water garden and lawn areas between 3 and 8 am for best absorption and to reduce the likelihood of disease or sun scorch.

-Do a quick walk through to inspect for insects. Treat any growing or noticeable infestations appropriately.

-Notice any plants looking like they may be nutrient deficient? Signs of leaf yellowing? Fertilize sparingly and appropriately using a good organic supplement. 

-Empty any standing water to reduce mosquito populations.

Take care of yourself! Hydrate yourself before and after gardening in the heat, and try to schedule chores as early in the day as possible.  Remember, September and our amazing fall days will be here soon - so be sure your garden is ready! 

 Happy Gardening – let's make Mansfield even more beautiful! 

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