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Youth Spotlight: Diaries of a 10-year-old Track Star

Sep 01, 2015 08:44AM ● By Kevin
Ten-year-old Hanyla Milligan has been competing in track since the age of 5, amazingly advancing to state competition every year. Participating in the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF) Games for track and field, Milligan began seeing even more success in 2013, when she placed second in the 50-meter dash and fifth in the 100-meter dash in regional competition. She went on to achieve a silver medal in state competition in the 50-meter dash. 

In the 2014 regional competition, she placed third in the 100-meter dash and eighth in the 200, advancing to state competition.

We caught up with Hanyla to talk about her track and field aspirations and accomplishments thus far.

Mansfield Magazine: What do you like most about running competitively?
Hanyla Milligan: Meeting new people, and running against new competition. Which makes me a better athlete!

MM: What have you learned the most about yourself through competing since you started this sport?
Hanyla: I learned that no matter how tired I feel I can always work a little harder to get better.

MM: What are your goals in this sport as you get older and better? 
Running for a great college and then excelling to the Olympics!

MM: What's your favorite memory of competing so far? Why?
Hanyla: Achieving the goals that I set at the beginning of the season which was winning my two gold medals and becoming the fastest 10 year old girl in the state of Texas.

MM: What do you like to do outside of competing? Any other sports/hobbies? 
I sing in the church choir and I am on the dance team called Jubilee.  I also love reading.

MM: Who do you look up to the most? Why?  
My mom, because she was really fast when she ran track. And she always give me encouraging words before I run. And my Dad because he sees the potential in me to run faster even when I don't.

Hanyla competes for the Milligan Aires Track Team (, a nonprofit organization, which is TAAF and AAU associated. Hanyla's parents, Hamin and Latricia, established the team in 2011, to help individuals participate in a sport they will enjoy.

"We are a track club for youth ages 5-18 years," Latricia said. "We help inspire positive role models and we promote excelling academics during the season, which are very important attributes that will help each child progress in the classroom and on track."

The staff is a well-rounded group of coaches that will help develop the mechanics of each individual to help them become stronger and more confident. The organization promotes teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline.

A"s a team we provide an exciting and fun environment to track and field," Latricia said.

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