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Web Extra: Mansfield Area Top Spanish Tutors Guide

Sep 25, 2015 05:23PM ● By Kevin
In light of our Fall 2015 issue's Cookin' With Carol segment, we wanted to add some Spanish flavor to your vocabulary in addition to your palette. So, we decided to compile a guide of area Spanish tutors as a web extra. Information and photos courtesy of

Best Match

Cheryl J. - Fort Worth

As a tutor, I have seen my student's grades go from C's and D's to A's! I like to see students succeed! I have worked in the public school system for over seven years as an instructional assistant. Now, I am returning to college for my teacher's certification. I wish to continue helping students, and I prefer to work with students in grades K-8. Although not proficient, I have a grasp on the Spanish language. I have administered the standardized testing to several grade levels and have tutored small groups. I will do my best to help your child succeed! Thank you for your consideration. 

Buenos Dias, mi nombre es Cheryl. He sido un estudiante de la lengua española durante la mayor parte de mi vida. Haré mi mejor esfuerzo para ayudar a su hijo a tener éxito en diferentes clases. Gracias por su tiempo.

Rating: 5.0 (68 ratings)
Cost: $42/hour

Lowest Price (with photo)

Sasha F. - Fort Worth

I'm a Combined Science major at TCU. This field of study includes various science courses such asBiologyChemistry, and Psychology. I have also taken Child Developmental, Spanish, and writingcourses. I am a proficient writer and proofreader. I am also proficient in the basics of Spanish writing, grammarspelling, and vocabulary

I am very good with children and have played a large role in raising my nephew. Raising my nephew and helping him with his homework as well as other tasks has equipped me with various teaching skills. I also volunteer to teach children about the Bible during Sunday school at church. I enjoy helping people and I am willing to adapt my methods to fit the learning needs of the student.

I have taken many Spanish classes in the course of my education and have received all A's in these classes. English is also my first language so I am equipped with the knowledge and experience of how to teach Spanish as a second language.

I have always excelled in reading in my education. I am a fast reader but assisting my nephew with his homework has taught me how to break down individual words in order to explain them to people at different reading levels. 

Throughout my education I always received a commended status on my TAKS tests. 

Please contact me to learn more and to schedules lessons. I'd be glad to help and work with your schedule.

Rating: 5.0 (2 ratings)
Cost: $20/hour

Highest Price (with rating)

Albert D. - Dallas

I have been tutoring or teaching for 20 years. Previously I have tutored or taught ISEEPSATSAT,ACTGEDGREEnglishSpanish, and Latin, all math through introductory calculus, an introduction to Thomistic Metaphysics, European history, and Christology. I attended Plan II at the University of Texas at Austin and have a BA in Spanish Literature and a BS in Mathematics from the same University of Texas. I have done work in philosophy and Latin at the University of Dallas. I have an MA in Sacred Theology from Ave Maria University and am a PhD candidate in Historical Theology at Catholic University of America, where I am very slowly writing a dissertation on tradition in the thought of Melchior Cano, O.P. My scores on relevant standardized tests are excellent. I have taught at three different high schools in Texas and Wisconsin and one college. 

I am interested in crafting with my pupils (and their parents as the case may be) a reasonable plan to achieve their goals; please note that some goals are really just wishes, and there might be no reasonable plan to achieve such a goal. In that case, I would work with student to develop a more reasonable goal. In any case, I am demanding of my pupils but on my part give the necessary effort in return. In addition to competency, I try to provide good example to my pupils. Sometimes a tutor/pupil relationship does not work, and if I were to determine that I am not the best one to help you, I would end our relationship so that you do not waste your money and are able to get the assistance for which you are looking. I work best with students 14 and up but have tutored as young as 10.

I am willing to send a more detailed résumé to parties who have expressed interest in working with me. I am not trained to work with students who have anything beyond a very mild learning disability. If your child has such, it would be to your benefit find another tutor. Finally, I do not schedule any session on Sunday, and a minimum session is one hour; sessions will not be scheduled for less than one hour, and at least one hour will always be charged.

Rating: 5.0 (20 ratings)
Cost: $80/hour

Rating (based on volume)

Micah B. - Dallas

First, I absolutely love my job, and I am 110% dedicated to your success. I wake up in the morning excited to teach my students! I hope my passion for teaching and learning will always be obvious in our classes. I have created English and Spanish classes at Samsung, American Airlines, Ferrovial, Bluebonnet, ATESVI, The Blaze and many more companies. 

Online lesson via Skype or Google Hangout: $55/hour

I create customized plans for companies and individuals/families. I create for your style of learning, but I will push you to achieve as much as you wish to achieve. I have high expectations, but I know that everyone progresses at a different pace. I truly enjoy helping you reach your goals: editing an essaywriting an essay for college, learning Spanish, learning English, preparing for the SAT or ACT, preparing for an interview in your second language and more. I make sure the time we spend in class is effective and organized. There is a specific goal for each lesson, and we will achieve that goal. 

Private Language Lessons
I can take you from your level to fluency: guaranteed if you have consistent classes and do the homework. I am in love with languages and how to learn them effectively. I am constantly trying new ways to develop learning materials with games, activities, listening exercises and worksheets, and I spend my weekends browsing bookstores, websites, and talking to other language teachers about the best ways to teach languages. I live for it. I am currently learning Japanese and French. Since I've studied 4 languages, and speak 3, I have a very acute knowledge of how languages are best learned or how to help you pass a difficult language class. I make class fun, filled with high energy and zeal. My level of grammar and syntax are at a very high level from over 15 years of learning foreign languages. 

I have taught English As A Second Language and Spanish with American Airlines, Samsung, Hitachi, Ferrovial, LBJ Express, ATESVI, and many more. 

I am an excellent translator from English to Spanish or Spanish to English. I am a member of the American Translators Association.

English Writing and Literature
I have a degree in English Literature from Boston University. I was accepted into a study abroad program in Madrid, Spain, where I studied history and literature in Spanish. I also studied in Guadalajara, Mexico, where I got my English As A Second Language certificate. After that I taught English to children, teens and adults in Campeche, Mexico. I also opened my own English tutoring school in Campeche. Before my career as a teacher began, I wrote for the Boston Phoenix newspaper and Stuff at Night Magazine in Boston, Massachusetts. So, I have been a writer and aneditor in many respects. I am currently taking a poetry class as well. I know how to write an exciting college essay or paper, as well as check for grammar mistakes. It comes as second nature to me, and I always find the mistakes in New York Times Best Sellers every single week. My eyes are just attuned to finding mistakes, just as much as I am attuned to breathing. 

Writing: Essays, Cover Letters, and More
Writing and writing well is an essential part of life, whether you are an engineer, scientist, mathmajor or doctor. It is important to be able to express yourself well through words, explain your side of the story, your argument, and defend yourself intellectually using the correct words and grammar. I can help you write a cover letter, college essay, and more. I will show you how to write an exciting college essay that will catch the eye of the reader or write a cover letter that will grab the attention of the HR department. 

SAT/ACT Test Prep: after 25 students, all have improved their ACT/SAT scores, including their essay scores. 

I am a dynamic, driven and determined tutor, not to mention fun. Whether you need to pass a particularly difficult exam or you want to learn or improve English or Spanish, we will work together to succeed.

Send me an email and we will strategize on how to structure your lessons in order to reach your goals.

Rating: 5.0 (715 ratings)
Cost: $65/hour


Kadoria B. - Arlington

Greetings all potential tutees! I am a veteran, certified, bilingual educator specializing in early childhood through 6th grade subjects. I have taught in a variety of school districts and have used all kinds of curriculum; yet, I enjoy personalizing my teaching by bringing in elements that students find fun and engaging. I believe that teaching and learning should be specific to the student and never a bore. Since I am dedicating my full attention to tutoring now, I will be able to give my students a personalized and exciting learning experience via proven, research-based strategies that are assessment driven. Simply put, I offer tutoring that guarantees results! 

Besides being a student of advanced English myself, I am a native English speaker that has studied contrastive English and Spanish grammar. This knowledge has given me better insight into both languages. Furthermore, I have taught both English and Spanish grammar to students inKindergarten, first, third, and sixth grade as well as tutored English, language learners and adults learning Spanish. This has helped me to further hone my grammar qualifications. 

I am currently certified by the states of Texas & Tennessee to teach early childhood through sixth grade students. Yet, this is not all that makes me a good tutor of elementary-aged students. I have taught bilingual students as well as English, language learners and general education students in 3 different school districts. Therefore, I have a wide-span of experience with elementary education.

I am a fun, friendly, qualified, and knowledgeable tutor ready to serve you!

Rating: 5.0 (11 ratings)
Cost: $30/hour

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