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Attention Grabber: Does Your Child Have ADD?

Nov 05, 2015 02:18PM ● By Kevin

Does your child seem to be easily distracted?  Before you label your child as having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), consider that a disorder called Central Auditory Processing Deficit (CAPD) has many of the same symptoms:

  • Difficulties monitoring the learning environment
  • Difficulties paying attention or understanding in a noisy environment such as the classroom
  • Inability to remember verbal information beyond one item
  • Appearance to be distractible, fidgety, and unable to concentrate.

Children with CAPD have perfect hearing, but they have difficulty sorting, identifying, and routing sounds. In other words, something goes wrong between the hearing of sounds, and the understanding of them. When a child can hear perfectly, but has difficulty remaining focused, the diagnosis is often ADD, which can lead to unnecessary medication prescriptions.

In the classroom, CAPD students might be listening to the teacher when a noise (a pencil dropping or another student coughing) distracts them.  They then pay attention to the sound of the cough or pencil, instead of the teacher.

GradePower Learning can help students with CAPD learn how to monitor their environment and actually learn how to focus in noisy surroundings. Like so many other school skills, paying attention is a skill that can be learned.  With focus skills in place, marks improve!

For more information about programs that can help your child learn to pay attention, contact Nick at GradePower Learning Mansfield by calling 817-458-4822, or email us at 

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