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Gallagher and Tovar Face Off in Dec. 8 Election for MISD Place 6 Seat

Nov 05, 2015 02:32PM ● By Kevin

A special runoff election has been scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 8 after no candidate took the majority of the votes in the Mansfield ISD School Board special election on Nov. 3. A majority happens when a candidate receives more than 50 percent of the votes.

The December runoff election for the Place 6 seat will be between the top two finishers: Daniel Gallagher and Dora Tovar.

Gallagher received approximately 33 percent of the votes, and Tovar received approximately 24 percent. The official canvassing of the votes will take place on Nov. 12 at 6 p.m. at the MISD Center for the Performing Arts.

When an early voting schedule is finalized, it will be available on the MISD website.

Gallagher Q&A

Please provide any personal background information you would like to share with the employees of Mansfield ISD. 

I have been married to my wife, Sonja, for 21 years and we have one son who is a sophomore and plays baseball for Summit High School. Both my wife and I have each been in education for nearly 20 years and we chose to move to Mansfield ISD because we wanted to ensure a great education for our son. I am currently the Director of Elementary Services in the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD and my wife is a teacher. We are both former Mansfield ISD teachers as well. I have taught at T.A. Howard Middle School, Summit High School, and Legacy High School. My wife taught at Cross Timbers Intermediate and Danny Jones Middle School. I graduated with my undergraduate degree from UTA and I received my master’s degree from Texas Wesleyan University. I strongly believe that our students and teachers need to be at the center of every decision that we make. Our teachers work harder today than ever before and need our support in order to meet the needs of each student. Please visit http://www.danielgallagher. co/ for more information about my experience and qualifications. 

What qualifications do you have that would make you an effective trustee? 

For almost 20 years I have been working with students, teachers, parents, and administrators on providing the best educational opportunities possible for our children. I have been a teacher at the elementary, middle, and high school levels and have worked with thousands of students. I spent several of those years at T.A. Howard Middle School, Summit High School, and Legacy High School. In addition, I have been a principal and I am currently a central office administrator. However, the most important job that I have is that of being a parent. Our children are our most precious resource and their education is critical to their individual success as well as the collective success of our community. Our world is changing faster than ever and we need to ensure that our schools are providing opportunities which will prepare our children to be global citizens. I strongly believe that our schools are the hub of our community and are critical to the success of our children and their future. I am running for the Mansfield ISD School Board because I have a passion for improving our public schools and improving the learning opportunities for our children. I will bring a unique insight to the MISD School Board as a parent, teacher, principal, and central office administrator. I believe that my collective experience provides a unique voice to the MISD school board. I will be a voice for our students, parents, teachers, and staff members. 

As a board member, what would you see as the board’s role in providing competitive salaries and benefits for its employees? 

There is no question that our teachers are working harder than ever to meet the diverse needs of each child. If anyone questions how hard teachers work, they are misinformed and need to spend time in our classrooms. Over the last two decades I have witnessed the commitment that teachers have for their students. It is not uncommon for teachers to spend their own money on school supplies, snacks, or other items for their students. As a board member, I will work to ensure that our teachers receive a competitive salary and benefits package so we not only attract quality candidates, but we take care of our current teachers and employees as well.

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Tovar Q&A

Please provide any personal background information you would like to share with the employees of Mansfield ISD. 

My mother worked cleaning homes to instill in me that education is the key to the American dream and she worked seven days of week to ensure that I received a great education. Like many at MISD, it was my job to make good on her own unfulfilled dreams and aspirations of a good education. As a result, I graduated with a degree in political science and local government from UCLA. There I became involved in student government and advocacy on behalf of UCLA students and later for all students at the University of California. When I came to Texas for graduate school at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas, I pursued my love for public policy and immediately focused on making a difference. I did so by serving as legislative director for a freshman house member, drafting the state’s first dropout legislation. At the time, this was a turning point for the Texas Education Agency, now able to track students that dropout and quantify its impact of the state’s economy. As a mother of two ADD students, I have been engaged in advocating for them ensuring that they succeeded academically. My family reflects the high growth in Arlington and Grand Prairie that fuels MISD and my children attended newly opened schools along the 360 corridor. My oldest graduated and attended OSU Technical Institute returning for a comparable quality education at TCC SE. My youngest is a student athlete and could not have found success without AVID and a passionate coach that pushed her on and off the field all while delivering back-to-back district Championships for Timberview in softball. I am a proud softball Mom and have been involved in Mansfield recreational and select softball since she was in 1st grade. I have a passion for this community and want to continue to make it great for all students.

What qualifications do you have that would make you an effective trustee? 

I have been a small business owner for the past 15 years, and know that great schools make great communities by engaging them and business leaders in achieving success. I have been trained in public policy and have been engaged in public education in Texas for almost thirty years. As a community leader, I have served on numerous boards in North Texas and have a keen understand the importance of building consensus and taking action to work on special projects while advancing the needs of all. I know each Trustee and have spoken to each regarding their role and their vision for the district and am confident that I can work with each to advance the needs of teachers and students. I have already met with Dr. Vaszauskas and several of MISD’s leadership and have worked with some for many years.

As a board member, what would you see as the board’s role in providing competitive salaries and benefits for its employees? 

I have been to every Trustee meeting since June when I considered running for Trustee and have been there for numerous discussions regarding their commitment to competitive salaries and benefits. I will continue to advocate for MISD employees to be at the top in North Texas. I believe wholeheartedly in paying teachers and staff competitive salaries and benefits. My children have been inspired by the talent at MISD and every employee has demonstrated they have the capacity to lead and care for all kids.

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Information provided by Mansfield ISD via a special email to its subscribers. Read more about elections here.

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