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Set a Goal to Eliminate Bad School Habits

Jan 05, 2016 01:29PM ● By Nick Young

Setting resolutions is a common way to begin the New Year. From healthier eating to exercising more, the New Year presents an opportunity for students of all ages to hit the re-start button in life, both in and out of school.

The New Year is a chance for students to evaluate their academics and get any needed help. This is the time for students to renew their school motivation and set academic goals to get back on track.

When setting goals, I recommend that students follow the CAM rules: keep goals Clear, Achievable, and Measurable. Students should keep goals concrete, with milestones to mark improvement. For instance, a C-minus student shouldn’t set a goal of winning a math scholarship, but instead, set a goal of getting a C-plus by the next test and a B by the test after that.

Another great way that students can ensure they start the New Year off on the right foot is by eliminating bad school habits. I suggest that students resolve to include one or more of these habits in their New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Rise and Shine.  By setting alarm clocks 10 minutes earlier, students can reduce the morning rush and alleviate stress.
  2. Tune Out. By simply eliminating one half-hour of TV or computer screen time, students have more time to focus on schoolwork.
  3. Be Prepared.  Students can check items off their to-do list by preparing for school the night before. Choose clothing, re-pack book bags, and prepare lunches at night to reduce the morning rush.
  4. Get Organized. Agendas help students stay on track so that homework and assignments are not forgotten.
  5. Stick to a Schedule.  Hang wall calendars in a visible spot and be sure to write down all school assignments, extra curricular activities, and social engagements.
  6. Hit the Sheets. A better night’s sleep ensures that students are less sluggish and more mentally alert during the school day.
  7. Hit the Books. Extra curricular reading is one of the best-known ways for students to build vocabulary and develop strong language skills.
  8. Eat Right. Healthy eating habits keep the brain active all day. Avoid sugary treats and heavy meals, which can cause attention levels to crash.
  9. Get Outside. Take in some fresh air and get the blood pumping with some exercise. Exercise has been shown to increase circulation to the brain.

When students start the New Year off by setting academic resolutions, and by eliminating bad habits, they set the tone for success for the rest of the school year. 

For over 25 years, GradePower Learning has been helping students of all ages develop better school habits. Whether it is goal setting, reading comprehension, math skills, or homework help, GradePower Learning’s programs helps students start the year off on the right foot.

Nick Young is the Center Director/Owner of GradePower Learning - Mansfield, TX.

For more information about goal setting or any of GradePower Learning’s programs, contact Nick at GradePower Learning in Mansfield at 817-458-4822 or email

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