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Are You on Track? Mansfield and Metroplex's Finest Share 2016 Resolutions

Mar 05, 2016 11:58AM ● By Kevin

City Manager Bob Hart Mayor Brian Johnson (placed first in his age group) Credit: Movin’ Pictures 2015

Can you believe we're almost a quarter of the way into 2016? With that being said, we want to look back at the accomplishments and aspirations of some of Mansfield and the Metroplex's finest. Here's what a few local leaders had to say...

When I reached the mid-century mark, (years ago) I decided I would not make New Year’s resolutions anymore.  Instead, each morning when I get out of bed, I pray for the wisdom and endurance to help bring a lighter and brighter day to those I come in contact with.  I find I am much more effective if I am reminded daily of my purpose in life. Larry Broseh, Mansfield City Council-Place 7, President of Drill King Intl. 

My personal 2016 New Year’s Resolution is to be a better me, husband, father and servant leader. - Tarrant County Commissioner Andy Nguyen.

I have two: 1. Teaching myself calculus because I never took calculus in high school. So, ordered some Great Courses lectures; 2. Getting in better shape. I run everyday but need to diversify. My goal (in 2015) was to run a 5k and I ran in the Kennedale Brickworks last April. (I) finished second overall and first in my age group. - Kennedale Mayor Brian Johnson.

My 2016 resolution was to start my whisk movement!  It is based on my whisk collection, given to me by one of my first cooking class students.  I hope to inspire people to share their gifts and pass the traditions of cooking to the next generation.  I plan to write a book about this as well.  It is a grassroots effort so far,  yet it is catching on quickly! Visit, and Carol Ritchie, Cookin' With Carol.

Interesting question. I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. If something is worth doing or worth changing, why wait?   Waiting just makes you fatter or further behind.  When you see something you need to change in your life, its best to start tackling it now. Glenn Smith, President & CEO, Mouser Electronics, Inc.

A goal starts with a resolution. For me, a resolution will not stick unless I can identify the "why" in very precise meaningful written words. It requires a change in motivation and attitudes. When I successfully turn a resolution into a new habit it is a prize worth having.  

Being a planner at heart, I know 2016 is going to bring us many twists and curves.  It’s too bad you didn’t ask about goals.  I have never missed any goal I really wanted… the target dates may have changed... but not the goal.

Your question asks about resolutions using the possessive determiner “your.” The word resolution has to do with change which is a little west of “goal” and not quite to the level of repentance. So, you are asking what do I want to change “about me” in 2016.

a. Become a much better communicator.  It is important to speak in a way that communicates clear thoughts that are interesting, memorable, convincing and authoritative.  I have a coach to help me.

b. Improve my leadership skills to better serve the office granted me by the citizens of Mansfield.  I have a coach to help me.

c. Increase my personal relationship with God actively seeking more of His wisdom and understanding – making better decisions giving all the glory to God.  I do this by spending more time studying the Bible and serving the church more.

d. In 2015 I made a resolution to exercise much more – increase my mental abilities – and weigh 45 pounds less than I did on 12/31/2015 as I did on 01/01/2015.  I was able to lose 50 pounds by my goal date.  My new 2016 resolution is to complete my total 100-pound reduction in weight.  Exercise sharpens the mind.  I will use more calories than I consume.  My back is better. My blood pressure is now normal.  I got new clothes for Christmas!  I suppose the new attitude is replacing the thought of food being a reward, with the thought knowing food is a fuel for my body.

2. What was your New Year's Resolution in 2015 and did you achieve it? If so, tell us about how you did it.

a.  I just mentioned my weight.

b. I am an accomplished studio musician on-call for a recording studio.  I had a   resolution to record with several very good bands.  That was done by more hard work and taking study and research on music theory to a new level.  I guess that is more of a goal than a resolution. Darryl W. Haynes, Mansfield City Council.

What's your New Year's Resolution for 2016? Tell us in the comments below and we'll add it to the list!

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