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It’s Never Too Late For Better Grades

Apr 01, 2016 06:12PM ● By Ryan Frisch

The last push of the school year is here—the homestretch, the final inning.

While it is still spring, many students’ and parents’ thoughts have turned to the sunny, school-free days of summer.

For many students this is a time of excitement: the end of their current grade and the beginning of summer. But there are still a few months of school left before that final bell rings, which means that there is still homework to be done, tests to study for, and extra curricular activities to keep track of!  

Though the temptation to daydream about summer may be strong, this is not the time for students to slack off! In fact, in the time left, students can actually pull up their grades. 

In order to get grades on track before the school year is over, students need a plan—a plan to make the most of the time left, a plan to keep up with current homework, tests, and assignments, and a plan to tackle any trouble spots.  This is especially important for busy high school students who have the added stress of balancing current schoolwork with studying for end-of-year exams; a plan can keep students on-track and stress-free.

An end-of-year plan isn’t just for struggling students: even the best students can afford to fine-tune their grades in the time left. Whether it is tackling extra credit assignments, getting a tutor, or starting exam prep, a plan of action helps students end the year on a high note.

GradePower Learning can help students create that plan.

This weekend, students should find a couple of hours to sit down, take inventory of the school year, and create an action plan.

Here’s how:

  1. Grab a calendar and determine how many weeks of school are left.
  2. Do a mental inventory of current academic standing. Refer to the last report card if necessary. Look at past test marks and comments on assignments.
  3. Ask: What subjects am I weakest in? Where is extra help needed? Where can I improve?
  4. Talk to teachers and create a plan using the time left to improve grades.
  5. Don’t forget to keep using an agenda to stay organized and on top of schoolwork.
  6. Enlist extra help from the professional tutors at GradePower Learning.

Remember that whether there are weeks or months left in the school year, it is never too late to make the most of the school year!

About GradePower Learning

GradePower Learning has many great programs to keep students of all ages focused on their schoolwork right until the end of the school year, as well as summer programs to help students maintain that focus all year long.  It’s never too late for better grades with GradePower Learning! 

Contact Nick Young at GradePower Learning Mansfield for more information about making the rest of this school year count. 817-458-4822 or

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